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Looking for Meet(s) in Nova Scotia



I'm an up and coming 'strength enthusiast' (don't consider myself a powerlifter until I compete, don't think I've deserved that tittle yet.) and I'm egarly looking to compete. I'm 16-years-old, in the Western Nova Scotian area and I honestly don't care where the meet is, as long as its in NS, I'll make it there.



There is a meet in PEI on the 28th of January. Most of the meets out here are CPU which is the canadian IPF affiliate. Check out powerlifting.ca for other meets.


That's Provincials though right? Wouldn't you have to qualify or is it different in PEI?

There doesn't seem to be much going on in NS right now CPU (IPF)for meets. PEI seems a more active.

This link is the contact page with Provincial Affiliates on the Canadian Powerlifting Union site. I would contact both the Provincial president for NS and PEI. http://www.powerlifting.ca/contactec.html and see if they can point you in the right direction.

Join the site and see if anyone has meets coming up soon. Someone just posted the other day trying to find out what was planned for NS.


Hey man, I just saw your PM. Ill just post about our meet in here, in case anyone is interested. CPU is not very active in the east at all, but thankfully, that wont be the only option anymore. My former club ( I have to train a my university right now) is hosting a CPF meet on April 21st in Amherst. There will be raw and equipped lifting, as well as tested and non tested divisions. Specialty bars for the squat and deadlift, a metal militia competition bench press, and a monolift ( you can obviously walk out squats if you so choose, though). We want to see everyone do well and enjoy themselves, so you can lift however you want to lift. If youre into gear ( either kind) thats cool. If not, that`s cool too.

Ill be lifting at this meet, too ( raw, junior amateur) and well have lots of trustworthy spotters and loaders, and also handlers if you need any help.

Also, if you`re near the area, I really recommend stopping by to train at the club sometime. Fantastic atmosphere, with more cool powerlifting shit than you can shake a stick at. Check out my log for all the cool toys in there, I cant even begin to list them all.

Don`t be surprised if a meet pops up in Yarmouth sometime, too. This would more likely be CPU. There used to be a lot of powerlifters down there, and I know they still have all of their competition equipment. Plus, they have a new strength training gym opening, so the interest might be renewed.

P.S. If you live in Halifax ( or know of anywhere), I really need a gym recommendation for when I visit the city.

EDIT: I keep thinking of things to add, ugh. I just wanted to mention to that the CPF doesnt have an annual membership fee like the CPU does or anything. Ive always thought that was a great way to discourage new lifters, especially younger guys like us. I honestly cant afford to pay a 165ish entry fee for a meet ( thats what it would have been for me to lift at provincials last year). Anyway, this is getting ranty. The short version is: my club is hosting this meet in the spring, and we`d love to have you come and lift, if you want to.


NS usually just has its provincials in april or may or whatever. I think there was a meet in cape breton last january too, maybe ( dont quote me on that, though). we`re hoping to host 3 a year, though. people want to compete, ya know

Im not sure how it works in the bigger provinces, but pei provincials doesnt require a qualifying total.


Yeah, we have to qualify in Ontario but then we have a shit ton of meets - 8 Open plus provincials and the high school meets and that's a slow year. CPU recently added classic/raw and that's been adding meets as well and will hopefully get some younger lifters in.

It's good to see the CPF moving east. They're very Quebec centric with some stuff in Ontario. We've also been seeing more 100% RAW meets as well. Maybe they'll move out that way too.


Sackville Sports Statium or The Tower at SMU are going to best meet your needs in terms of what I've seen you do in your log. The stadium would be the better option for you, but I've always preferred The Tower.


Thanks for the tip, I've heard a lot of good about the tower before. I'll be in town for my speed benching this weekend, I'll try training there and see how it goes