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Looking for Mass on 5/3/1


I'm looking to put on about 8-10 pounds before the middle of august (that's when football starts) and I need the best assitance lifts for size. anybody have suggestions?


id go with the bbb template or the trimavate template exactly how jim laid them out. hes no dummy and i would trust his opinion over most


The only way this will work is if you calculate your daily calorie needs including workouts then add the amount of calories necessary to gain 8-10lbs by august. Most of the 5/3/1 assistance templates should work except the ones where you hardly do anything extra after the main lift.


This may be obvious to you but the most important thing is to up your food. That's gonna have a much greater inpact on gaining size than what assistance exercises you do.


Jim highly recommends GOMAD in the book for the purpose of gaining weight.

But you knew this already 'cos you've bought and read the book right..?


wendler does have a 5/3/1 program for Football.Look it up at Elitefts


Exercises that use the most muscle and assist your main lifts will help tremendously. Just stick to 2-3 assistance exercises per session. One for an antagonistic muscle group, one for a muscle that is directly involved with the main lift and a remedial exercise, like curls or calve raises, just to provide that little extra boost :wink:

Oh and eat peanut butter. LOTS of it.