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Looking for Lunch Ideas on the Go...


Hey guys,
Looking for some ideas.

I work 3-11, so I usually have breakfast, a snack, lunch at home, then I leave to work where I have another snack, dinner, and a late snack before coming back home. For lunch, I usually have a piece of meat (chicken or beef) with some brown rice.

I decided to go back to school and I start next week.

On Tuesday, I'll literally have to eat on the road while driving from school to work. I'm think roast beef sandwich on WW bread w spinach

Thursday and Fri I have time to kill after class before I have to drive to work. In theory I can pack meat and rice and microwave it at school. I can also just buy something there. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Three choices:
1) Buy and eat something healthy somewhere.
2) Bring a sandwich with meat, maybe some cheese, veggies, a healthy mayonnaise (olive or canola preferably) and /or mustard and/or guacamole, and a good bread (gasp).
3) Bring some pain-in-the ass Tupperware meal you have to heat up somewhere.

So you basically have it right.

I get lunch at work (I'm a dietitian, so I'm considered part of foodservice) and I go with sandwiches because I've grown to loath meals requiring a fork, knife, and heating up for lunch. Sometimes I have what they're serving to the residents/patients where I work if it's in line with my eating habits.

I go to Costco and get a shitload of Dietz and Watz ham, turkey, and Swiss Cheese in packages (very high quality cold cuts), and dozens of cans of tuna, sardines, chicken, and salmon for fish or chicken salads and sandwiches.


Easy lunch on the go...
Biotests Metabolic Drive WPI (2 scoops)
2 oz plain non fat yogurt
2 oz water

This delivers 50 grams of Whey protein and less than 8 grams of sugar and 8 grams of carbs.


I also do a protein bar...Quest bar has 20 grams Whey Protein with no sugar and no sugar alcohols, only 4-5 grams of carbs.
You can have this and the WPI /yogurt mix for just over 500 calories while delivering 70 grams of quality protein.


I also eat Quest bars almost daily...cleanest bar out there in my opinion. Other than that, I do a protein shake for lunch a lot of times when I'm in a hurry. I've got some ON whey powder in my car.


Large mixed salad (i skip the lettuce - just takes up room and has weak nutritional value), or big portion of steamed broccoli (etc) with protein source on top - sliced Terriyaki chicken breast, sliced grilled steak, piece of grilled salmon, etc. Requires no microwave. Especially nice in the summer.

To eat when driving: hard boiled eggs (peeled ahead of time), sandwich wrap, banana etc.