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Looking for Lower Body Routine


Hey all, I was directed to T-Nation by a fellow therapist who lifts regularly, but is out on a torn ACL, and recommended my questions here.

I work about 30 hours a week massaging, so I have the "push" part of Push-Pull down to a "T", and am working my lats, rhomboids, lower traps, etc to keep me from anterior rotation of the shoulders. I lift 3 days and do mostly cardio for 2 days.

My problem is a competent lower body workout. I have to admit my last trainer had me mostly doing isolation exercises. I would be grateful for any and all exercises. Anything I dont understand I can youtube for correct form. My goal is for strength and longevity in my career.

Thank you in advance!



Look them up. The 2 best lower body exercises you can do.

Tack on any of the machine stuff you were doing before after doing one of these and voila, you’ve got at least a half decent lower body routine. Just make sure to put effort into it. You reap what you sow.


Just a few routines from two top coaches here on T-Nation:


[quote]bob_sander87 wrote:
Just make sure to put effort into it. You reap what you sow.[/quote]

Some awesome advice. Just now learning the real meaning of it. Thank you.

Fantastic links! I’ve never done dead lifts, but I love a challenge.

These are the most helpful answers I could have gotten, and I appreciate them.


If you’ve never done a Dead lift before I would seriously advise you get some coaching before loading up on the weight otherwise there’s good odds that your friend won’t be the only one out with an injury. At the very least make a video of yourself carrying out the lift and post it here so you can get some feed back on your technique, likewise with the Squat


Do box squats to learn proper technique for squatting. Front Squats for your quads maybe some lunges or other single leg exercises.


My hamstrings are too tight for me to correctly perform a deadlift. :frowning: I attempted 3, (asked a fellow gym goer to watch me and critique. thanks to all you who graciously give your time to us noobs) I had the back straight, the knees placed correctly, as well as the hands and feet. But my hamstrings said “the hell with this!” after the first one and the other 2 created an odd pain i’ve never felt, so I stopped. The pain is gone, but I understand I just need more length in them before attempting it again, or risk serious tears.

I did squats, step ups into rear lunges, an excercise shown to me by same critiquing gym goer (where I swing a kettle ball between my legs, snap my hips to swing my arms above my head, and let it fall back between my legs. arms did very little to lift the ball) Swedish ball leg curls, then the standard hamstring, quad and inner/outer thigh machines. I didnt have the endurance (or the creativity, to behonest) to keep going. But next saturday I’ll be able to try other new exercises.


Try rack deadlifts: put the pins just below your knees, and practice correct form with reasonable weight. Lower the pins gradually. If your gym doesn’t have a power rack, use some aerobic step to set up bar at a comfortable height.
Good morning and romanian deadlift really help stretching hams; of course, some mobility drills/static stretch (google for “prying stretch”) would help also!


Found this in my search for hamstring stretches. Seems like a good series. Anyone know about these? What are your thoughts? They seem fairly comprehensive to me.


Really good serie of tutorials, I don’t think you can go wrong with the stretches they show, even if (of course) there’s qlways something left to learn!