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Looking for Lifters

This seems like the best section to make this post in, so I’ll give it a shot. Firstly I must say that finding this site has completely revolutionized my lifting and overall strength development. I have been lifting for six years, and doing martial arts for just as long.

But now I need to take the next step, none of my friends take lifting seriously, the one who used to can only be convinced to come with me to the gym once a month because he is to ‘busy’ to work out. So its time to try and change my friends, when it comes to lifting partners anyway.

I’m searching for any serious lifters in southwestern Michigan, preferably in Kalamazoo, or at WMU but anywhere is SW Michigan is good to at least learn some new ideas. If anyone is in the area and interested, please let me know and we can start to set something up.

Oh yeah, in a week or two I should have some decent pics to stick up for criticism and pointers so I’ll see how that goes.