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Looking for Kayak Suggestions

Looking for suggestions on kayaks.

Will be going into the pacific ocean. Looking for something relatively inexpensive. I can’t decide between sit on top vs sit in. I feel like sit in would inherently be more stable and allow you more control.

I know some of you all have to be kayak experts.

I have never used one in the ocean but I kayak in small rivers and lakes here in Ky quite often. Having used both I can tell you that sit in kayaks are more stable but such a pain to get in and out of and damn near impossible to fish out of that my nod would go to open top kayaks.

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We have a couple of cheap Pelican sit-ins that we use mostly in calm lakes (I’ve fished off it occasionally). They’re pretty stable. No ones fallen in yet, anyway.

I’ve only ever kayaked in the ocean once (sit-in) and can’t imagine enjoying a sit on in those conditions.

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Used both a sit in and sit on in the ocean before - once in Alaska (sit in) on a calm day - it was comfortable and I felt secure.

The sit on was off the coast of San Diego - a little rougher of a day - felt equally secure.

How experienced are you in kayaks? What will you be using it for? Your main purpose for the kayak could help inform your decision and our recommendations

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I’ve never kayaked before. I wanted to get one because I recently moved to an amazing coastal city and thought it was such a shame that I wasn’t indulging in what the coast has to offer. Mostly just want to go around the harbor we have here and take to the beaches and attached rivers. Would love to do some fishing. But honestly I would mostly love to battle through the surf in it.

Yeah sit on in ocean just doesn’t seem like a recipe for success.

Just what I suspected. I should just invest in both then.

If I were you, I’d look around for businesses that rent kayaks out … try out a couple different ones and see what works best for what you’re looking for

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