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Looking for Insights on Training Phases

What’s the best way to program to gain weight as a type 1A, while also including Olympic lifts?

I guess I’m kinda stuck because I want to make improvements with my Olympic lifts, specifically the clean as it’s where I’m having the most problems. However, I’m about 40/45kg from my ideal weight for my height.

I was thinking:
Snatches as a CNS primer before Heavy low volume Front Squats
Power Cleans as a CNS primer before Heavy low volume Clean Pulls

Any experience, tidbits, or old articles you’ve written that would be a good read for this?

I’m not gonna read all of that. My time is limited. Please bullet points or ask a specific question, thanks

TLDRed and summarized

Apologies for the really confusing post. It reminded me that I needed to take a second and really gather my thoughts on what I was trying to ask. If you have a minute and wouldn’t mind reading my thought out question.