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Looking for Input Regarding 5/3/1 + BBB

Hello everyone,

I’ve had programming ADHD for the past few years and have been spinning my wheels. That being said, I will stick with 5/3/1 for at least 5 cycles, following it precisely and see where that gets me.

There are a few clarifications I would like help on: I have read from Jim that when doing BBB, not to push the 5+, 3+ or 1+, and basically just do the prescribed reps (5, 3 or 1). Did I misunderstand that part?

The Template would be as follow:

Press 5/3/1 + Bench 5x10 / Chin Ups 5x10
Deadlift 5/3/1 + Squat 5x10 / AB Roller 5x10
Bench 5/3/1 + Press 5x10 / Chin Ups 5x10
Squat 5/3/1 + Deadlift 5x10 / AB Roller 5x10

I’m going with 50% of my TM for the 5x10 and increasing my TM by +5 for the Bench/Press and +10 for the Deadlift/Squat per cycle. I base the next cycle’s 5x10s on the updated TM.

I will end my workouts with some Band Pull Aparts / Face Pulls / Lateral Raises as recommended and based on how the workout went. Same for cardio. I have done Front Squats and TBDL only in the past 2-3 years, so my Squat and DL will definitely be lacking, my Bench and Press are nothing great either. Current numbers:

P 170
D 400
B 265
S 325

Any help would be appreciated to steer me in the right direction in case I’m missing something. Thank you.

You should use 5’s PRO, which means just do all the working sets at 5 reps regardless of the week. Then do your 5x10 BBB sets. If you set your TM correctly, getting 5 strong reps should be possible even one your “531” week.

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Hi antiquity and thanks for the response.

From what I understand, the 5’s PRO would turn the 5+, 3+, 1+ weeks into 5, 5, 5? If so, I might have to bring down the TM a bit, to like 85%, just not to hit a wall after 3-4 cycles.

What is the reasoning behind going for 5, 5, 5 and ditching the ‘‘all out’’ sets?

You get a few extra reps and get clean, explosive, but heavy reps. Since you are using the 5x10 supplemental lift to push the main lift, you don’t burn yourself out on the 531 lifts.

Do you keep all the other reps the same? 5, 5, 5 for week 1, 3, 3, 5 for week 2 and 5, 3, 5 for week 3? Or do you just do 5, 5, 5 everywhere?

You are doing 5 for each set.

Week 1 - 5,5,5 then move onto 5x10
Week 2 - 5,5,5 then move onto 5x10
Week 3 - 5,5,5 then move onto 5x10

This way you get quality but tough 531 work, but you’ll still have energy to really push the 5x10 sets hard.

Thank you.

Do the TM% on which the 5x10 sets are based remain the same if you go with 5,5,5? My 5x10 sets are based on 50% of my TM atm. I know Jim advises to start as low as 30% and in some cases as high as 70%.

Just depends where your strength is at and how you feel. There’s a million ways to do it.

You can stick to 50% for one cycle, and then go to 60%, and then 70%.

You can pyramid up and down.

I’m personally just doing 5x10 @ FSL for every week (week 1 - 65%, week 2 - 70%, week 3 - 75%). But my TM is set low, so I can hit everything with explosiveness. But you’ll have to experiment to see what you can recover from.

My advice, start light. You are not going to get any weaker.