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Looking for Input On a XVest


have been wondering bout getting an xvest for awhile now and and was just looking for some input on who to buy from...is there one thats better than the others?...and what weight to go for.....was actually being really ambitious in my thinking and looking at the 84 pounder but for running and leg exercises I cant really seeing myself needing that much but who knows


Can't be much help here but I just ordered the 84lb. I figured to go with the xvest as opposed to competitors that might be a bit cheaper; figuring, its a piece you will have for along time and better to err on the side of quality over price. I took the 84lb b/c you can always subtract weights in 1lb increments. I feel having the heaviest is more versatile as you can always subtract as opposed to having something lighter and not be able to add. Just my thoughts. As to xvest price - I searched around and it was all the same for the 84lb.


I have the 40 pounder and so far I am just using 25 lbs, for hiking and general gpp stuff. I guess you can't go wrong with the heavier vest, it does create more options. I suspect most folks will never need one with 80 lbs. Saw an article here (I think) a while back by John Davies and he talks about hiking with a 20 lb xvest. If that is good enough for that bad ass it is probably good enough for me and you too. But get the vest, cool piece of equipment and it can make walking the dog some good GPP stuff.


I have the 84 lbs vest because it is the same weight as the gear a firefighter wears. The fact that it is adjustable is nice and if you increase 2 rods every workout or so the you can be up to a very high weight very quickly. The good thing is that you can use it for more than just GPP. I use it to add weight to my deadlift by adding whatever weight to the bar and having more weight in the vest, which changes the way you lift but it's kind of cool. I would just go with the 84 lbs just to have the weight there when you get to that point.


I have the 40 and use it damn near Daily in resistance and /or cardio.

Other than that I will say do a search there have been several Long threads on these and a couple just in the past few weeks,

Hope that Help,


I have the 84 lbs. It's great, I use 46lbs while running stairs and it fries your legs in no time. I walked with 60lbs but have yet to go higher. Well made, confortable...


I have been thinking about one for a while. My backpack with 40 pounnds of plastic weights gets uncomfortable.

From most everything I have read the 84 pounder is excellent for firemen because their gear is the same weight but it is also a bit bulkier. Most people might be better served with the 40 pounder.


Get the 40lb Xvest on Coach Davies' site for the price of a 20lb Xvest. I want one too, but I can't afford to buy one right now.


I just bought the 40lb vest from coach davies site for the price of the 20lb vest

i dont think i will be unimpressed with the product. ill write some feedback after i get it.


I recently purchased it as well. I love it! I have the 40lb, but I'm currently only using 8lbs during my GPP. It's incredible how such a small amount of weight makes such a huge impact on your conditioning workouts.

From what I've read, you should never use more than 10-12% of your weight (added to the Xvest) for any type of cardio or GPP workouts. I can understand why. However, for dips, pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises, or in addition to using weights, you can definitely use more than 10-12%.

I also think that the 40lb Xvest is going to be the best choice for most people.


I ordered the 84 pound model about 2 weeks ago and am anxiously awaiting delivery.

The inventor of the xvest, George Morrison, was on a Charles Staley conference call 2 weeks ago. He stated that he has had guys who can do dips with 135 lbs in plates attached to a dip belt have difficulty doing dips with 40 lbs in the xvest. I relish the challenge in that statement

Plus if I wear it under my clothes in the winter, I might just look big.


I just got my 40 pound Xvest yesterday. It's very comfortable, and very supportive. Almost forces you to improve your posture. I'll be wearing it to mow the lawn tomorow.


I just got my 40 pound Xvest yesterday. It's very comfortable, and very supportive. Almost forces you to improve your posture. I'll be wearing it to mow the lawn tomorow.


why cant a find a link to John Davies site? yikes


Say it with me... ... ...


If you use the search feature here and click on the first link, you'll find a link to his site at the end of the article.

Or Google John Davies. His is the third site.

Or Yahoo search Coach John Davies. You'll get 1,680,000 useful links, literally.

Or MSN search John Davies xvest. You get a bunch or responses.


On the sizing, how are you guys going about it?

I'm about a 31-32" waist by the way.

Any ideas?