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Looking for Input on a New Workout Idea


Right, basically I've been lifting for a year, started with 5x5, made decent progress and also did a bit of Dan johns 10 steps to mass. In that time I've found exercises that I really enjoy doing and can put all of my effort into and feel great. Basically, all of the compound movements, especially squat and deadlift. Farmers walks (with farmers walk handles) bicep curls (jokes welcome) and pull ups. I'm not asking for anyone to design a program for me, what I would like to know, is it possible to combine the above into a program and I would like to squat every workout.

These exercises as I have learnt are great for strength and that's what I enjoy. I've also learnt from these forums that strength and hyper trophy are not mutually exclusive of each other. I maybe rambling abit, I'm typing on a phone and have to keep scrolling around to see what I've typed. Basically I just want to get in the gym and lift heavy stuff. Is there any dos and don'ts when trying to combine the above exercises, thank you.


What exactly is your goal?

If it's the generic size/strength building, given that you like Dan John's stuff, you could try the Mass Made Simple routine: https://www.T-Nation.com/training/mass-made-simple

Edit: Also, what was wrong with the programs you were running before?


Of course it's possible.


Lol OP, what have you been reading?


Ditto. You might want to add in some kind of press just to balance things out but you don't have to.

Squatting every workout should be fine as long as you are careful to modulate volume and intensity. If you train three to four times a week that should be fine. I wouldn't squat heavy more than once a week with the other times doing moderate load to grease the groove. That'd probably work very nicely.

With deadlifts, be careful as you get stronger. Especially with high frequency squatting you may find deadlifting heavy once every eight to ten days at most works best.


I quickly put together this, its a mix between 10 secrets to building mass and stronglifts 5x5.

Back squat(heavy) 5 x 10 - add weight to each set.
Machine back row 2x5
barbell row 5x5
pull up 3x10
bench press 3x10
curl 3x5
calf raise-failure

back squat 2x20 (moderate weight)
overhead press 5x5
deadlift 1x10
pull up 2x10
curl 3x10
dip 6-10 reps with weight then drop weight and rep out
calf raise - failure

back squat 3x10 moderate weight
machine back row 5x5
barbell row 5x5
pull up 2x10
bench press 3x10
curl 2x5 1x10
calf raise x failure

back squat 2x20-moderate
overhead press 5x5
pull up 1x20
curl3 x10
dip 6-10 reps, drop weight rep out.
calf raise- failure.

has any body got any critique for this? exercise selection, order, rep range etc?? I was going to run it for about 8 weeks with plenty of food and recovery..


Dan John's "Easy Strength" sounds an awful lot like what you're looking for...


Fits the basic outline of where you're going, and probably somewhat better designed than what you'll come up with on your own...


I used to lift like you. I got big lifting big and got cut lifting small. You should try German Volume training. It really kicks your ass. As for squating every workout, that all depends on how hard you are training each workout. I would listen to your body. If your body doesn't feel like its a good idea to squat, then don't. I would mix up your squats as well if you want to squat every workout - back, squats, goblet, sissy, etc. Last piece of advice from someone who used to lift heavy for many many years - don't do it. Your joints will eventually break down and it'll cost you when you get older. Lift heavy twice a week at most, mix in some other types of weight lifting, and some cardio here and there.


'Beyond' 5/3/1


Squatting every workout is doable... I don't know what the obsession about bicep curls is but do it whenever you feel like it. You would want to time your deadlifts and farmer's walks so that they don't effect eachother. Maybe squat-farmer walk then two workouts later Squat-deadlift. You can do pullups every workout... they don't take too much of a toll. You should add a push day though.


Worth noting that unless you're careful squats and pull ups in high volume can play merry hell with your elbows, although curls can help mitigate that.


^^^Not to mention your shoulders. Definitely add bench and overhead press to balance out the shoulder volume and keep them healthy.