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Looking for Input for 3rd Cycle


First off let me say it's good to be a part of the T Nation now, there's a lot of good info to be heard on here. I'll start out with my stats. 24 years old, 6'0, 207 lbs, 13% BF, and been training for about 6 years, 4 years serious. I'd just like to get some feedback from ya'll in regards to my layout for my 3rd cycle. My first cycle was just Test E only at 500 mg/ml per week for 10 weeks with PCT of clomid. I went from about 185 to 203 lbs and kept all my gains but a few lbs.

My 2nd cycle was 12 weeks Test E at 500 mg/ml per week, 10 weeks deca at 400 mg/ml per week, and weeks 1-4 100 mg/ml test prop eod. PCT again was clomid and nolvadex together this time (just wanted to try it). I experienced awesome gains in mass and strength with this, about 32 lbs worth as i trained hard and ate ate and then ate some more.

Only thing i didn't like was some sides from the deca (acne), never had a problem with deca dick or anything like that. I didn't keep as much gains as i would've liked to that time around though, i probably lost 12-15 lbs of the weight i gained, i assume all water bloat.

That's just a little background, now i'll lay out my proposed cycle this next go-around and would appreciate any and all comments you guys have especially if you've done the same cycle...

weeks 1-4 30 mg dbol ed
weeks 1-14 250 mg Test E every 3rd day
weeks 1-12 300 mg EQ 2x per week (total 600 mg per week)
weeks 8-14 50 mg winny ed

PCT will be HCG and clomid (not completely sure of the iu's on the hcg yet, still researching whats best for that). I will have nolva on hand the entire time in case gyno pops up, but i have never had any sides before other than the acne from my last cycle.

Thanks ya'll for your time, looking forward to your comments!


on PCT you should drop the HCG and use it while on cycle to keep your "boys" in check, and maybe switch clomid to nolva. just my 2 cents. I'm running something similar as you, just higher doses on test. Maybe throw some Tren in there? I was thinking of starting on Tren and anavar mid cycle and switching Test E for P. Itd be nice to know your results, let me know how it goes for you.



I'll look into the pct deal more. I don't really wanna mess with tren because of the sides, but have always heard good things about the gains from it. I also thought about uppin my test a little more but wasnt sure because 250 mg every 3rd day is pretty consistent. I wont be starting the cycle for another couple of months, just wanna get everything in check first before i start this one up. But i will let ya know how it goes when i start


Alot of users will say 12wks eq is the min, I honestly feel that you should push that to 14wks. and the test e to 15wks.
The 30mg dbol split in 3-6 doses will be kinda weak, id suggest taking the full dose preWO.
I see nothing wrong with running clomid for pct-if that works well for you. I like to run 50mg clomid along side 20mg nolva for 4-5wks.
Drop the hcg 4 days before pct begins. Id also suggest you have some AI's on hand, and extra nolva incase of a gyno flare.


Yeah I'd run the hcg at 500 iu 2 x a week up until just before pct. I prefer nova over clonus just personal preference. "nolva can do at 20mg or 40mgwhat clomid has to do at 100mg or 150mg"

So you'll be taking 500 mg of test weekly correct? If so that looks like a pretty decent cycle. I'm going to run my dbol in 3 doses a day on non training day to keep the appetite up and either all 30 mg preWo or 10 in the morn and 20 PreWo. Haven't decided yet.

The minstrel at the end of cycle will be a nice finisher. A lot of people don't care for it. I used it once at the beginning of a cycle and it helped with water retention but wish I ran at the end instead. Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.


thanks for the replys guys i'll take it all into consideration. @bchrisen my test will be 250 mg every 3rd day, so you cant really base it on how much per week, i just like the consistency of the injection cycle, some weeks will be more than others but it will always be 250 mg every 3 days. Also Daja are you saying that 30 mg dbol is too weak or just referring to taking it all at one time?