Looking for Info Regarding a Clean Bulk

I have been 2 years bulking and I put some good size on,unfortunately i gained too much fat on the proccess.I think it was mostly cause of gaining too much weight each month and just stuffing myself with way too many carbs.I followed a diet with 40%protein 50% carb and roughly 10% fat.

Now i started a new bulk with a ratio of 40-40-20 but still even if i only shoot for 1lbrs each week i feel that i gain too much fat,would a diet with a ratio of 40-20-40 on workout days and 40-5-55 on offdays seem more logical to prevent fat gain?
The 20% carbs on workout days would only be consumed on the pwo shake and pwo meal.Is that approach logical or should i cut the carbs entirely out and go for the AD?( although i feel i need the carbs after the workout)

Post what you consume on a regular basis; supplements included.

Well at the moment i am carb cycling but i will list a example of a high carb day.

on the days i worked out the previous day i will drin 5gr BCAAs and 5gr glutamine if it was a rest day and i am feeling recovered nothing
8egg white 1 apple 40gr of oats

2nd meal
175gr chicken or lean beef etc 1tablespoon of mixed oil salat or brocolli
1multivitamin 2 fishoil caps

3rd meal(pre workout)
175gr chicken 45gr brown rice

45min before workout 5gr BCAA and 5gr glutamine
30min before 1 scoop whey and 40gr oats

after workout 5gr BCAA 5gr glutamine
15-25 min after 1,5scoop whey 20gr dextrose 20gr maltodextrin 1 banana in the blender

4th 1hour later
175gr chicken or tuna and 145gr rice

175gr ground beef or fish and salat-vegetables with 1tablespoon mixed oil 2 fishoil caps

a bit of salat and a shake with 0,5scoop whey 1scoop milk concedrate 1 tablespoon peanut butter 5gr glutamine and 2 fishoil caps

on moderate carb days i just cut 25% of the carbs and i tried yesterday on offdays eating
7 meals with only the breakfast concisting of carbs the other 6 were protein fat and salat-vegetables

If you’re gaining weight, your going to gain bodyfat, no matter your diet; it’s the result of excess calorie intake.

Your breakfast is too low in calories.

Your missing quite a bit of good fats that would compliment your meals better.

The Essential Berardi:

How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

I am 6’1.0" and 180 lbrs at the moment,just fin ished my summer cut and started bulking again.

It doesn’t matter what you eat if you aren’t forcing your body to adapt in the gym.