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Looking for HRT Doc in NJ/NY

Tried the list of local D.O.s, and tried some folks I thought would work out.

My MD has no clue.

Anyone know a good person who ‘gets it’.

I am in need of lab work, a validation of my suspicions already indicated via saliva tests, and my own symptoms (scored 9 out of 10 on adam) and treatment.

I have been spinning my wheels at my current weight and strength levels with some very scary recent drops over the last few months that have caused me to panic a bit.

Here’s one resource…

Also, don’t forget this T-Nation classic…

Dr. Crissler keeps coming up in a LOT of articles:


A flight to Michigan from most places in the U.S.(especially the Northeast) probably isn’t too bad; and its probably worth it.

Good luck!


bump very interested in this info too

try any of the online anti-aging clinics. There are several in florida. They require bloodwork and a physical (but you can do those with your own doctor back home) Then if your levels are low they are very reasonable about perscribing the best agressive HRT protocols that exist today. That’s who my husband used and they were very nice to him and set up a great plan for him to follow. I’d reccomend that approach.

I’m interested too! But most of the contacts want 1000.00 for 2 bottles of Test w/ a prescription…we all Know that is worse than robery…any body know where you can get a legitamite prescription w/ the real price it goes for which is around 45 bucks…

the real price? LOL (very amusing.)

contacts? what contacts?

I don’t know what doctor you went to, or what clinic you called, but I called a few online clinics when my local doctor told me to find one- and none of them was anywhere NEAR a thousand dollars, so obviously you haven’t really checked or you were dealing with some unauthorized place that was not legitimate. Geez, even the MOST EXPENSIVE ONE was only $500 (and that INCLUDED bloodwork and the physical) I think maybe you have GH prices mixed up with HRT prices.


Dr. Brett Mellinger in Garden City, NY. He is a urologist with a specialty in andrology. Also, Natan Bar Chama and Harold Nagler, also andrologists in Manhattan. They get it! There are only three andrologists in New York.

awesome bricknyce, this is the kinda info i’m looking for

You are welcome, Harmony. Enter their names into Google. Mellinger has done A LOT of academic and professional work! I used to go to him.