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Hi T-Nation
Probably like a lot of guys here I’m in search of answers-I’m reaching out to your community for understanding and direction. Any input, thoughts, anything that might help. I’m 36 years old, a business owner and consultant. I’m watching everything I’ve built disappear and I feel there is nothing I do about it. I have a hell of a long story, and I’ll try to keep it short. The last few years are a bit fuzzy due to some decisions I’ve made to get better over the last year. I’ve suffered from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and ADD, feel weak, and Extreme Fatigue for a long time (I’ve been diag with Treatment Resistant Depression). I’ve tried every medication, combinations, including self-medicating with alcohol. I was on 13 different medications (all very high dosages) last May when my Dr recommended Electroconvulsive Therapy. I did 21 sessions and almost died due to complications on #9. I never gave up, and I went back even after that. I’d say that treatment is scary, but its way worse than that. I kept on my Dr about all the side effects, and lack of improvements. I got sent for blood work, and her results were I had a positive ANA in my lab and am referred to a rheumatologist who did more testing including testosterone- those results, good news the ANA was a false positive but my T was at 251(blood was taken at 10:15) and my vitamin D was a tiny bit low (everyone in upstate NY is. No Sun). He prescribed me prednisone (for joint pain) and vitamin D for the “hell of it” I was then referred to urology. I spoke with them and begged and tried bribing the nurse to see me asap. I was able to get in 3 days later. The urologist ordered more blood work and a testicular ultrasound. So here’s where I ‘am at today. I had my blood taken Friday at 8:45 and my results were available yesterday. I go back to the urologist Thursday to go over the labs. I logged into the portal to view my results early and find myself a bit confused – I’m trying to educate myself I everything- I’m exhausted – I see a spike in my T on 4/1 but I’ve been taking prednisone. Honestly I’m at a loss, I don’t understand any of this- I don’t know what I should be asking- or what lab’s I should be requesting-, what type of Dr I need to see- I have a feeling I’m finally heading in the right direction- So guys, any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. T

Height 76 inches 6’4" Weight 211.00 lb (Body Mass Index) 25.7 kg/m2 BP Systolic 136 mmHg BP Diastolic 86 mmHg Heart Rate 88 /min
Laboratory test finding 04/01/2016 Prolactin 3.860 ng/mL 3.460-19.400 - Total Psa Only 0.38 ng/mL 0.00-4.00 - Testosterone 417.11 ng/dL 300.00-1000.00 - FSH 1.7 mlu/mL 1.0-12.0 - LH 3.86 0.57-12.07
Testosterone Free & Total 03/29/2016 Testosterone 251 Low Testosterone Free Direct 5.4 Low


You want information, but you need to drink from a fire hose.

Please follow these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys – note requested info
  • things that damage your hormones
  • finding a TRT doc
  • thyroid basics explained

I am concerned that you may have adrenal fatigue and elevated rT3. Search for those terms in the thyroid link above and also check your oral body temperatures as suggested there. It is important to get iodine and we need iodized salt for that.

Labs: - should be in list format with ranges
E2 [estradiol]
fT4 [please not T3, T4]
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol [at 8AM]

When do you feel that your hormones went bad?
Does that coincide with the business stresses or predate?

A urologist will quickly run out of knowledge and urologists as a group are not very good at TRT. But very few doctors are. Finding a TRT doc is the problem. Endocrinologists oddly enough are also quite bad at these things. But getting a good doc is critical. See the finding a TRT doc and backtrack from a compounding pharmacy as they know who is doing what.

Get 5,000iu Vit-D3 caps, tiny oil filled. Take 25,000 for 1st 5 days then 5,000 thereafter.

You have secondary hypogonadism. We know that elevated prolactin is not a cause. How E2 is contributing is not known. Other than that, your pituitary might have a [non prolactin secreting] adinoma or damage from a blow to the head or a simple stopped working correctly.

There is a lot more going on than T, do not tunnel vision on T as the only thing that will fix you.

KS thank you man… I know my story sounds crazy, because it is crazy. If i had my lab’s checked before, i might of never went down that road… Anyway can’t live in the past - I know there is a problem, and my biggest fear is being dismissed as if there isn’t.

It’s hard for me to say exactly when it started- I’ve been fighting all this for so long. I’ve been under serious amounts of stress for 5-7 years business/life. I crashed 2 years ago that is was almost impossible to get out of bed- but pushed myself to keep going. Then i started all the med’s, and things just got worse. I’m off pretty much everything now.

I’m taking 50,000 iu VitD once a week, and have been for a month. I’m an information whore, thank you for the direction. I’ll get my work done this week, all of it. If there is a good TRT Doc anywhere. i’ll find him

If you or anyone out there can think of anything else important- please throw it at me-

What field of work? Did the field change or was more local?

I’m part owner of a network consultanting business- it’s only 2 of us so we both wear many hats. I do travel if needed. It’s becoming almost impossible to deal with anything. like everything else that relationship is stressed.

Just had my visit with my Dr to go over blood work done ion 4/1/16-3/29

According to him my T is fine / my LH is fine/ My FSH is fine/my prolactin is fine/ my psa is fine/ My total T is fine
He says You’re probably just a little depressed- that sent me over the edge -

But if I want Test, no problem here’s a script for a patch. I ask him what I should know- he said put it on and I’ll see you in a month.

I then ask, id like to get my blood work done for the recommended labs- so we have an idea on all hormone levels. Nope we don’t do that cause of insurance ect… Go see your GP. I tell him, i don’t care on costs, I’ve already spent $ $400,000 on crap when I didn’t have insurance - I’ll pay cash now. All I really want is to be able to function as a human.

Nope see you in a Month…

Walked out and a crossed the hall to lab corp and asked. What do I need to have these tests done. A script from your doctor- even if I pay cash in full now. They looked at me funny and said yes. I’ll see you at 8:00a.m

what the F

You need a new doctor. I wouldn’t get the patch. You are secondary and should be treated as such.

I pay my doctor cash and I like it that way. He hasn’t once made a decision because of an insurance company.

So far, my meds run under 200$ / year to treat secondary.

Who knew getting your labs done would be such a pain in the ass- All i need is a script, and i’ve spoken to 4 Dr’s…

KSman- i’ve been doing a lot of reading, i believe you are right on the money.

Right now everything seems pretty hopeless- Is it possible to come back from Adrenal Fatigue or even Failure? As for secondary, what kind of treatment are we talking about? There is so much information out there- my brain fog or whatever, and being drained is making it research a bit hard. Thanks again everyone

If you are in the US, order what you want from Life Extension, pay $25 for a blood draw and mail it.

Secondary hypogonadism. Usually treated with SERMs and not transdermal or injectable T.

Before I do something stupid, I’d figure I would reach out- The patch is a no go due to insurance. And after speaking with my GP who belittled me, insulted me over and over, told me to go talk to a psychiatrist. And told me that lab results are pointless. That was before he said “LH/FHS/Prolactin are useless and don’t do anything”- You probably can guess what he said about estrogens. He wouldn’t draw any blood, nor have any labs done without showing him actual something he can see. Adrenal fatigue is a myth, and Secondary hypogonadism is when your “balls don’t work” and iodine or iodized salt is bad for you." I don’t know why but I was respectful even after all the insults. I just said, Doc if you’re not willing to help one of your patients that is asking for help- then I have to find some who will. He then said” that’s fine … have them call me, I’d love to send everyone your medical records and laughed” wtf does that mean. So I requested that he sends me everything he has- I’ve had blood and a physical done yearly, and who knows how long I had a problem-
I’m trying to do the right thing, follow the right protocol. I’m not a Dr or have any expertise in hormones. I’ve read a lot- and have a lot more to learn. I know TRT is serious, and believe that working with a Dr is critical. I’m at the point of just saying F* it, and taking TRT into my own hands while I’m relocating and finding another Dr- Telling my urologist exactly what I plan on doing, and asking him to work with me on this until I relocate. I believe that working with someone is key, and I wouldn’t do any treatment without a professional. But I’m at the end of my rope

Thanks All

You clearly need a new doctor.

Sounds like he has probably written down in your files that he thinks you are a head case. I wouldn’t get any records transferred.

Yea, i’m positive he has. Thanks again. I’m happy i found this site, and your community. The amount of information, knowledge, and support is priceless. Hopefully i’ll be able to contribute once i have a better understanding-

Anyone know of a good Dr in Florida- Indian River County, Sebastian, or Vero Beach

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BTW, you mentioned insurance. Get your scripts filled at costco pharmacy, it’s cheap and you don’t have to mess with insurance. My scripts are under 20$, my insurance copay is 40$. Then you don’t care what insurance thinks about your course of treatment.