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Alright lads, im pretty new to 531/BBB and rather than bugger it up, i thought id come here for some help off you experienced lads.

i doing 531/BBB alternate method, EG: press>5x10 bench, dl>5x10 squat ect.

reading jims work he said u can sub the 5x10 work for similar exercises so id like to fit in 5x10 CGBP and 5x10 INcline press instead of 5x10 bench and 5x10 press but im uncertain on which days to add in those exercises, could anybody advise me please?

cheers lads.


When it says substitute, how are you interpreting that?


This is what I am starting after my current 6 week block.

Squat 5/3/1 RDL 5x10

Bench 5/3/1 Incline Bench 5x10

Deadlift 5/3/1 Front Squat 5x10

Press 5/3/1 CG Bench 5x10

All at 50% plus some minimal accessory.


It really doesn't matter which day you do them on. There a supplemental exercise, focus on the main movement that is the most important to growing stronger. Either day is fine. Eat, train, and rest after that repeat.


It probably doesn't really matter...but...I've always looked at CGBP as bench press assistance and incline press as overhead press assistance. Take that for what it's worth.