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Looking for Help with Losing Some Lard

My current routine




I work up to a main set on each exercise. Great routine, got me from about 175 to 215 in little over a semester of college. Now that the summer is over though I’m down to about 195, not lookin so hot. I’ve started lifting hard again to get some numbers back up, but I’ve been thinking about losing my newly aqcuired gut while still working on strength and/or size.

I’m new to this whole ‘losing fat’ thing. I’ve read up on some articles but may need some help in locking down on a workout regimine.

I lift 3-4 times a week, or mostly whenever I can. I have a busy job that requires a few late nights (and a sore back), so I can usually devote 3-4 nights a week.

Keep the routine, follow shelby’s carb cycling approach (for example).

my thoughts are… DIET, DIET, DIET… and work your ass off in the gym. T-Nation does have a selection of diets for various goals if you take the time to search and read each individual one to find whats right for you.

Yeah, keep your routine if it’s what allowed you to put on muscle. Altering your diet while still training for muscle gain is the best way to actually maintain your LBM while tightening up.


So you went from 215 down to 195 and put on a gut in the process. Ouch! Sounds like a summer full of beer and no Gym time. Like Stu said, I would go back to what got you from 175 to 215 while keeping your diet in check.

Well it was a summer of not much gym time and too much food for how much I was working out, I don’t drink much though :slight_smile:

I will keep my routine then and tighten up my diet. Should I insert some sort of cardio?

Okay so I’m preparing some food for work tomorrow, and I’m trying to follow the carb cycling diet. How on earth do you keep your fat grams that low.