Looking for Help with Lats

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Any tips for working lats when you have no access to cables? At the moment all I am doing is weighted pull ups.[/quote]

Do dumbbell rows after pullups…[/quote]

And after those, do straight-arm kickbacks with lighter weight DBs. Keep the action going (not resting at the bottom). Explode up, then slowly lower in a non-stop fashion. These burn my lats like nothing else.

I prefer do heavy straight arm pull overs, back extension bench rows with narrow supinated grip. Use every rep range.
gironda pull ups are very good but are notbeasy for most people, progression is hard.

I’m getting some pretty good lat pumps lately by doing this on chest/back day:

Single arm lat pulls to warm up - sitting sideways (good stretch at the top, try to squeeze your elbow into your back pocket at the bottom)
Lat pulls - 5x10-12, reverse pyramid (rest-pause on set 1)
T - bar rows - 4x12-15, reverse pyramid (good stretch at bottom)
Single arm lat pulls again - 4x12-15 use a strap. Between sets, let the weight pull your arm up while you lean toward the stack, stretching the lat for thirty seconds. Those last two sets suck. Your forearm, shoulder, and lat will be on fire.

Best last feel and pump I’ve had so far.

I would switch the wide grip pull ups for chins.

There are a lot of good suggestions here and a lot of bad ones, but even the good ones won’t help people build lats unless they know how to engage them. You need a crazy arch during back movements, crazy like you see when that 120lb guy in you gym goes for the 300 pound bench press.

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