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Looking for Help Finding Plan/Coach


Hey guys. First time posting. Long time reader.

I need to get back in shape. I was always in shape growing up and didn't need to worry too much about my diet because any crap I ate, I would just burn off. This habit followed me to college as I was able to get away w a lousy diet by playing D1 ball and continuously training.

I now work a full time job and find myself struggling to find a plan and stick w it. Is anyone available to provide a complete transformation package for me?

Who is someone that you guys would recommend?



  1. Greyskull LP. Westside for Skinny Bastards. Anything by Christian Thibaudeau on this site.

Take your pick.

Don't think about complete transformation. Focus on getting strong (I'm a powerlifter so that's what I care about. Getting big is cool too) and eat for that. The rest will come.


First, I'd get very specific with your goals. "Getting back in shape" doesn't mean much at all. Get your bodyweight and waist to a certain size? Squat and bench a certain number for reps? Run the 40 in a certain time? Specific targets within a specific deadling allow for a much better plan to be drawn up.

With that said, you can have the best plan from the best coach, but you're the one who has drive yourself to the gym and put the right (or wrong) food in your mouth, so if you haven't been able to stick to a plan before, figure out why and address that.

There are some very well-designed routines that call for two workouts a week. So "no time to train right" kinda disappears. This is an example: https://www.t-nation.com/training/effective-training-for-busy-men

A basic approach to nutrition with principles rather than a strict meal-to-meal plan may help too. Something like this: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/simple-diet-for-athletes

You can get plenty of free info from the forums here, but if you think investing in a coach really will help you with accountability or whatever, this thread has some suggestions (inbetween the hijack about the necessity of a coach and the concept of IIFYM):

His profile says he's 6'2" and 245, so he's already a pretty big boy, and I'm guessing based on the tone of the post that a fair amount of it is fat. I'm not saying he needs to get on a pre-contest bodybuilder's diet, but tightening up the nutrition and working in some cardio should probably play a role, in addition to basic strength work for sure.


Improve your diet. That seems like the more challenging habit to break for you since you have done sports in the past. You probably already know what good food choices are so it's really just developing the discipline to reach your goal.