Looking for Hardcore Lifters (NYC)

I have been lifting for about six months using T-Nation principles for ectomorphs: lift heavy and hard and eat like a cow. When I started I had never weight lifted before and weighed 145lbs, could squat about 135lbs, and bench just 100lbs, talk about pathetic. Over the first few months my bodyweight increased to 175 reaching a peak of 177, my squat increased to a 1RM of 320 and bench increased to 1RM of about 180. Although my bench has continued to increase slowly, I am struggling to increase my squat (it has not gone up in a month), and my bodyweight has drifted back down too 172. I am eating all I can literally pushing myself to throwing up, but I can’t seem to make any progress.

I was hoping to find a group of hardcore motivated lifters in or near Manhattan or a good coach because I think training with like minded people in the real world could point out some of my shortcomings and I could figure out how to break this plateau. I will keep my mouth shut, load and unload weights, and I am willing to pay for good teachers.

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