Looking for Guidance

I have been viewing the forums on and off for the last few years researching various topics and solutions that seem to be helping people. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism about 3-4 years ago and my health has had a steady decline since that time. I have seen numerous doctors and tried numerous treatments protocols such as

t creams/gels at various dosages
t shots at various dosages and various amounts during the week
thyroid medicine

And the list probabaly goes on with a few more things. Basically I have tried the majority of treatments that are offered or out there for people to help with there endocrine system and have done most of the treatments under the supervision of a doctor and my health has continued to decline etc.

I recently have come across a very bad problem and I am pretty concerned and would like your help. About six months ago I injected a couple days of larger amounts of hcg by accident. I think one shot was 1500 iu’s and another was around a 1000 iu’s or so.

I also took a few 75 iu’s doses of hmg in one shot. I was in a relationship with a woman and I was trying to just help increase the size and functioning of my testicles and ever since I did these shots I have noticed that my testicles have shrunk up close to my body and my penis has shrunk as well and overall it is just not a good situation.

Around this time as well, I can remember exactly if it was before or after, but I experienced terrrible pain in my testicles for 4-5 weeks. It felt liked I got kicked in the balls for over a month everyday straight. I went to the doctor and he did an ultrasound of the area and it noticed some very minor things that he said were not causing my pain and would not be causing reduced blow flood to the testicles or penis.

Whatever is going on, it seems like I have a reduced blood flow to the penis or my testicles are not producing any sperm anymore or just things are really messed up right now and I am not sure how to help the situation.

I have thought about possible leydig desensiation, but I am not sure how to treat this or if I can even treat this. I have tried clomid and nolvadex after this happened and stayed on it for a few weeks or so, but it has not helped.

I came across a great thread in here about taking low doses of pde5 inhibitors more frequently to help with erections and I also read on other websites that this help to increase blood flow to the area. For the last 2 months or so I have been doing this and it has been helping, but the effects are starting to not be as good.

I plan on trying to add in some doxasin and a few other things that might help, but that is just bandaid the problem and I am trying to find a longer term solution and get my testicles hopefully working again and hanging lower and everything just functioning better.

Prior to this happening, I did take t shots for about a year or so and I did not notice anything so out of the ordinary when it came to my testicle size or penis size or anything. It never really helped, but it never really hurt me either. It was just when I did the hcg/hmg that it was like night and day and all of the sudden my testicles seemed to be not working anymore.

I am pretty concerned about this because it seems when my sexual health takes a dive, my overall health takes a dive and I gain more weight, eat more, metabolism goes to crap, and it just is not good. And I just got out of a relationship and I am about to get into another one really soon and I do not want be person that cannot get a decent erection to have sex with his girlfriend.

My biggest concern throughout all of this is just how I can get my balls and penis back to a normal size and start working again properly and trying things that might help me with this process.

For me taking t is probably out of the question. I have tried every combination of testosterone treatments you could imagine and had estrogen in range and it has done nothing. I have tried controlling progesterone as I thought this could be the reason why by sexual area went to crap, but it does not seem to help.

I am most likely going to be taking kind of combination of viagra, carnitine, co-enzyme q10, pycnogenol, doxasin, arginine, and some things like this. I have read some good studies combining a few of these that have helped alot of people with ed.

I also think me losing weight will help a little with improving the blood flow to the area and I could potentially try higher doses of thyroid medicine or various weight loss things. I have heard about sensa recently and I am eager to try it. I do have a good workout regimen jogging about 10 miles a week and trying to lift weights 1-2 days a week and I do a pretty good job with my diet as well.

To help me lose weight and maybe get in better shape I have also thought about taking creatine or hmb and things like this that my help me enhance my workout and give me more energy. I also think the carntinine that I will be taking might help benefit losing some extra weight and I know that if I could lose more weight it would help with my overall health and sexual health.

I would like to see Dr. J soon and see what he could do to possibly help me. Most doctors would not know what to do or where to start in a case like mine and I know he has seen it alot of things and has helped alot of men.

But until I can get in to see him, and to try and be able to have a somewhat decent sexual relationship with this new woman I would really appreciate any input that you might be able to offer. I have read hundreds and probably thousands of mens cases over the few years and mine is defintely not an easy one to try and treat or fix, but I always stay positive and try to look on the bright side of life and continue to keep learning and trying things that might help.

A few things I was thinking that I could that might possible help are

__trying clomid at 25-50 mg for awhile or higher doses

__trying combinations of the viagra, arginine, carnitine, etc. as I listed above and try to help improve the nitric oxide part of this situation

__trying to gain more energy and lose weight with better workouts and more energy using something like creatine or various supplements to help in the area. Also trying sensa to maybe help me eat less.

__get various blood tests or urine tests that might help me put a clearer picture together. I defintely would like to check my progesterone level, prolactin level, and a few other things. And I think that a rheins tests would be great for me, but I have to have a doctor order it.

__try slowly taking thyroid medicine again and build up to a higher dose

__take probiotics and other things to help with my digestion, maybe it will help me process food better and eat less. I am probably going to order vsl#3 soon.

__try looking into somethings that help people who have peyronie’s disease as some of the treatments are focused on improving erectile dysfuction

__sleep better and try to de-stress my life the best I can

I am not sure what will help or what exactly is causing the problem, but I am open to any advice, recommendations, and things that have worked for you in the past that might be able to help me. Thank you.

without tests results tied to a timeline of treatments (i.e. T at 600, E2 at 40 while on 50mg T-Cyp E3D + .25mg Arimidex), I am not sure what help we can offer.

it sure does sounds like leydig cell desensitation, but I didn’t think just two doses could cause that, I always thought it developed slowly over time.

After researching more information and looking into my situation a little further, I have a strong feeling that my leydig cells are somewhat desensitized and this is causing alot of problems with my sexual health and overall testosterone situation etc. My goal for now is just try and restore the size of my testicles and increase my libido and sex drive and performance. Right now it is god awful and I am going to try anything and everything to improve this situation and quality of my life. In the past, when I have been able to have a ok sex drive and things were functioning somewhat decent, I was able to drop weight and my health dramatically improved. I went from about 310 to 268 and really felt and looked different. Everything went to crap and now I am back up to 300 and my sexual health has been the worse ever in my entire life and it is only getting worse and I am focused on making it better. I have explored various options and looked up different medications and supplements that might help me. I am going to list a few things and a few options that I have considered. Please feel free to make any recommendations or add to this list of things that might help or any type of options that might help as well. This is way beyond just having low T and feeling crappy and no energy and fatigued etc, I went through that for years before this happened and would give anything to get that not so great feeling back, this is more like I woke up about seven months ago after doing a series of higher than normal hcg shots and my balls and penis shrunk to crap and I can’t hardly function that good sexually, ejacualte volume down, barely cant get an erection and if so not good, and this is just has a major negative impact on my health and relationship situation.

I have viagra and cialis and usually take viagra at night sometimes which provides some ok erection during the night and this helps improve sleep for me. Tried taking it during the day in smaller does as well maybe to help just keep ok blood flow going to the penis and this helps a little and actually helps me lose weight some, but I build up a tolerance and want to save it more for nighttime and before sex.

Tried combining doxansin with the viagra recently to see if that might help but it kind of stresses me out taking something that can mess with your heart and I don’t really like the feeling it gives me and have not noticed too many benefits taking with viagra.

I just ordered hcgenerate and will be taking that at 5 caps plus a day next week. I have high hopes for this and here amazing reviews about how this has helped tons of people restore the size of their testicles and increase sex drive and do all kinds good things in this area. I have a good feeling this is going to help alot.

I am probably going to get some proviron soon to see if this will help. I know it helps alot with libido and sex drive, but I have also read some studies where it improved sperm count in some people and increase testicle fullness etc.

Considering taking tongkat ali by itself in addition to the little thats in hcgenerate. Also considering taking tribestan or some kind of tribulus, but not sure.

Looking into taking DAA as I have read some good reviews on this. Also heard of MT-141 (breamonlide sp) but not sure how much this might help. Maybe l carnitine, pycengonol, etc. Already tried l carnitine and arginine and viagra together and it helped a little but not a solution.

There are variety of supplements I have looked at and read but have not compiled a full list yet to post. If anyone has some they might want to throw in here please go ahead.

Thought about taking test prop to see if it would help on the libido side and maybe help replenish t levels, but it is probably only going to shut me down further and make my balls work less than they already are now and this I don’t think is ideal in my situation. I have already tried t cyp and various gels/creams and it does not help my health.

Maybe taking small doses of hcg 100 iu’s for a month or two straight everyday, or a combination of things like clomid, nolva, tore, at different doses. The problem with this is that hcg put me in this position and has really never helped at all in the past when I have taking it and the same with clomid and nolva, and these for sure have not helped my libido or sex drive whatsoever which is important to me as well.

Essentially, what would you guys do if you were in my situation. My case was very complicated before this happened and this does not help at all. To keep things somewhat simple, lets say it more than likely it is leydig desensitization and that combined with alot of other negative symptoms is the basic position that I am in. How would you going about improving your situation from a sexual heath standpoint and overall health standpoint. I have thought about taking something like creatine as well to maybe help my workouts but that might add extra water weight which is probably not the best in my situation. I am open to any and all suggestions and advice. Just met with an endo this past week and he is doing some bloodwork and will do the bloodwork soon.

I have a good feeling I will find a combination of things that might help soon.

Purechance basically nailed it back a month ago, which you didn’t respond to. Without bloodwork and accompanying timeline of medications associated with that bloodwork, we are pissing into the wind…nobody can help you here without at least the basic info. Long winded paragraphs of your innermost thoughts do not qualify.

I read his response, which must have been buried in your OP, that you only took two high doses of HCG? No way did that cause leydig cell desensitization. You are barking up the wrong tree, IMO. But again, it is impossible to say without you bothering to list your bloodwork and prior treatment.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Purechance basically nailed it back a month ago, which you didn’t respond to. Without bloodwork and accompanying timeline of medications associated with that bloodwork, we are pissing into the wind…nobody can help you here without at least the basic info. Long winded paragraphs of your innermost thoughts do not qualify.

I read his response, which must have been buried in your OP, that you only took two high doses of HCG? No way did that cause leydig cell desensitization. You are barking up the wrong tree, IMO. But again, it is impossible to say without you bothering to list your bloodwork and prior treatment.[/quote]

This is a multi level problem which needs to be chunked down to different symptoms and dissected by a person like Dr Peter Rouse from california who I feel is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of medicine in the areas you are dealing. Dr Rouse and I bounce ideas back and forth. I learn more in 10 minute txt chat then I learn in 6 months of research talking to him. I highly suggest you contact him and go see him. He knows the human body better then any one I have ran into…