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Looking for Good TRT Doctor in Vancouver, BC Area

Hi can anyone refer me to a good TRT doctor in the Vancouver BC area?

I am not looking for a doctor who will just write a prescription due to low T, i am looking for a doctor that can help with a proper protocol.

Your help is much appreciated.


Your best bet is looking for a private clinic who specializes in TRT, TRT has been apart of preventive medicine, not sick care and are why so few doctors are knowledgeable. The facts are mainstream medicine is lacking competent TRT doctors and insurance and/or state healthcare systems often get in the way of getting proper treatment.

Ask a pharmacists of private hormone doctors contact info who prescribe TRT in the area. It’s a long shot but contact Dr. Lawrence D. Komer Burlington in Ontario and see if he knows anyone in your area.

Thanks I’ll try that. Your advice is appreciated.

Do some research for anti aging clinic in your area. Most wont dive into hormones and TRT but some certainly will, especially out in your area. My experience (in Alberta) with physicians and endos has not been good at all so far. Free health care isn’t all that great.
Good luck.