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Looking for Good Pecs Exercises



I'm training for about 1 year and a half, but not bodybuilding only fight sports as muay thai and sometimes I've done some bodyweight exercices but not very seriously.

I'm trying now to gain some weight, my equipement is the following (I train at home): a pull up bar and a 15kg dumbell you can hold with one hand(I think it's about 30 pounds).

I know it's not a good equipement but I don't like to train with machines I really enjoy bodyweight training such as pull ups, push ups, etc.

I'm now looking for good pecs exercices, many exercises seems to be unefficient... I've done butterfly, inclined dumbell lifting... But I never really feel like I'm focusing on pecs.

Could you give me some suggestions ?

I attached a picture of me (my weight is 65 kg and my height is 173cm)


Incline push ups? (put your feet up on something), Flyes? Maybe try some improvised Dips with some leaning forward..? Use the kitchen counter, chairs, something thats secure enough and the right distance apart.

You really need to get at least a barbell with some decent amount of weight on it so you can get some good mass building compound exercises going in all honesty, you can increase the strength and size of a certain muscle a modest amount with isolation exercises, but to really get a good chest, your going to have to focus on increasing overall mass.


Deep stretch isometric push-up hold

get 2 boxes or something similar that will allow you to stretch lower than positioning on the floow will allow

get into a deep stretch position that puts the most amount of force on your pecs & hold.... try to work up to 3 minutes

you can do these multiple times per week also


The correct answer is: Any pec movement is a good pec exercise, its how you lift that could be the problem. Honestly, at the beginner stage, you cant go wrong with the basics- Barbell pressing, and dumbbell flies. You just have to make sure your form is in check, and that you're feeling the pec contraction throughout the movement. For example, if you are dumbbell flying, and your arms dont atleast reach the perpendicular point with your body, then you're "in the wrong."


Is one dumbbell and a pull-up bar the [/i]only[/i] weight training equipment you have access to?

... for what? Bigger pecs? Stronger pecs?

If you're after bigger pecs, you'll need to gain muscular bodyweight and you'll eventually need to lift heavier weights. If you're after stronger pecs, you'll have to lift heavier weights immediately, or at least have access to more equipment.

I'm going to assume that you can knock out a good number of standard push-ups already, so those will be an inferior exercise choice. If you can figure a way to do dips (on chairs or something similar), that would be the best bet so far.

That's because, outside of some push-up variations and dips, there aren't that many strictly-bodyweight exercises that can target the pecs. If you have rings or straps, that opens some more variety, or a basic free weight set would obviously be the most useful.

Do you have to stay in a weight class for your Muay Thai?


Depending on the location of the pull-up bar you could do some muscle ups. Essentially do a pull-up then rotate your hands a little and continue up over the bar then return to a deadhang and repeat.

To make easier do them kipping a little
To make harder do them extremely strict
To make them even harder and targeting the pecs a bit more do them leaning back a little on the pull-up portion and then leaning forward on the press-up portion.

Planche is another option but that shit takes a long time to make real progress and gains with. Look into an article on Dragondoor by Coach Sommer.

And yes as someone else already said, dips. Dips, Push-ups, and Pull-ups should be your best friends if you aren't going to use weights. Wouldn't be bad to also throw in Handstand Push-ups but those won't do much for your chest.

If you really like bodyweight training but want a bigger chest consider buying some olympic style rings instead of the pull-up bar you're using. It'll give you a little more versatility to do muscle-ups, crosses, dips, levers, and even hanging them low you can do push-ups (many gyms even have rings in a power rack for this purpose). Again look into Coach Sommer if this is the route you decide to take.


Ya know, I was going to suggest something like this (minus the return to deadhang each rep. I'd rather stay up and do all the press reps), but I don't think I'd be comfortable, form a safety perspective, doing muscle-ups on any home equipment that wasn't a full size safety cage.

Any kind of doorframe setup won't have the room or be sturdy enough, and even a pull-up tower or dip/pull-up/vkr station I wouldn't trust to stay in place during the movement. But if there is room on a reliable piece of equipment, then it's an exercise worth learning.

Vaguely related video, because I don't think I can watch enough of these guys doing their thing:


Yeah if its a doorframe he probably shouldn't but it could be a park or something he's using. Or maybe there's a railing in his garage, you never know. Thats more what I was thinking. A lot of guys on Coach Sommer's site make simple ones out of some wood and pvc in their backyards. Some buy rings and then hang them in the garage. There's options. I wouldn't trust a dip/pullup/hlr station either - that shit would fall over quick.


Given that equipment, here's what I would do: Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Decline Push Ups, HS Push Ups. These are the best BW exercises I can think of. Have you considered tying that 15kg dumb-bell around your waist for your chin ups / pull ups? Here's a demo with 40 kg -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbNcdBVroOg