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Looking for good gym in MN.


I currently live in Rochester MN.
I will be relocating to the Twin Cities likely in the near future.
My job might bring me to the Plymouth area.
Does anyone have any heads up on gyms in that area?
I don't realy mind making a little drive for a good gym too?

I'm looking for a clean gym with lots of free weight equipment, and prefferably one that doesn't have to many youngsters.
yeah right


You have your choice of corporate gyms aka Lifetime Fitness, and Northwest Athletic Club. Then the smaller gyms like "The Gym" and a powerlifting gym in Roseville (a little drive for you) called "The Press Gym." I'm in Forest Lake and Lift at The Forest Lake Health Club.


There is also some bally's, gold's, ymca's, and some others.

Really best bet is to find yourself a mpls yellow pages phone book and check em out.

All depends on what ancillary things you need too (lockers, towels, showers, childcare, pools..) , how busy you like your gym, what other equipment, space...

Really gonna need to go and look at some when you come up. Pricing I imagine will play a part also, and it can vary a lot depending on plans/restrictions.