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Looking For (Free) PT Advise


You've probably all seen the 12-week "metamorphosis" contests out there. A local gym has a good one.
I've got a guy who wants me to train him for it in my garage.
A friend of mine is a physician who will countermand any stupid training advice I give. I'm not concerned with personal liability.

Here is some background on the client:
- he's 35 years old
- he's probably 100 pounds overweight
- he was a helluva good offensive lineman at the University of Miami and probably played at 50 pounds over his "ideal" weight way back then
- it will be difficult to make him abide by any pussified resistance training (e.g., high reps/low weights)
- he wants to win the contest by losing significant weight/looking much better
- he is paying another guy for cardio work and is hiring a nutritionist

Last, but certainly not least, my compensation is not contingent upon him winning the contest. (But I still want him to be happy with the effort.)