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Looking for Food Suggestions


Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how to get 3500 good calories in a day. I'm shooting for 40-30-30 split. That is about 350 grams of protein and I'd prefer only two scoops of Grow! a day.

If anyone has some meal plans they have followed to get close to this would be a huge help. I'll figure out the carb and fat details once I am close to my total cals for the day. I seem to have trouble getting even 2500.

So far I am thinking either oat meal or a bagel and protein for breakfast, Cottage cheese and fruit w/ Grow! for a snack, 10oz of chicken for lunch, a Grow! bar for snack, 10oz of meat for supper and two cans of tuna for my last meal.

It seems like alot of food to me. I'd appreciate anyones input.



Are you eating eight times a day? Eat eight times a day. If you still aren't getting what you're looking for, increase the serving sizes of what you are already eating. Add Grow! with your meals.


Healthy fats are an easy and great way to add K/cals fast./ Fat has 9 compared to 4 K/cals of pro and carbs.

Nuts, fatty fish, flax, olives and olive oil avacadoes, eggs, meat, etc..

I saw no real mention of fats so,
Hope that helps.


If you are looking for calories, I know it may "seem" like a lot of food, but simply chow down.

Double your oatmeal intake, and make sure to throw on a scoop or two of Grow!

Have a pound of hamburger for dinner.

Eat a tub of cottage cheese before bed, again with a scoop or two of Grow! Maybe add some olive oil and/or natural peanut butter.

Snack on some walnuts and almonds during the day.

You should have no trouble getting calories when you have a P+F meal, as fattier meats or fatty foods contain a lot of calories.

Although I didn't mention them, don't forget your fruits and veggies in there too.


And natural peanut butter.