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Looking for First Cycle Advice


Hi Everyone,

I have just rolled on to this lovely forum today. So any mistakes in this thread, please excuse me. I am 38, with weight 66 Kg. No fat apparently, apart from little belly that comes out after meals. Natural drop/strong shoulders. I use to go to gym about 10 years ago.

Since then i have been working in corporate/desk job. Recently i have decided to change my physique to better and stronger. Its like 3 months that i have been doing serious gym with a personal trainer to open up my body and getting use to weights. I dont have gout attack problems, however i do have uric acid levels upto 8.5 at times. For that i take zyloric 300 a day, to bring them down along with alot of water and intense workout.

I would like to go for a short cycle initially.
My draft is: 6 weeks steroid cycle.
20-30mg Dianabol daily (Thailand) - for 6 weeks ?
Test Enanthate 250/250=500 a week - for how many weeks?
And which week should i start taking PCT and what?
Should i only go for DBols?

Questions might be very basic, but i am new to this.
Non technical replys will be highly appreciated.



You need to read the stickies in this forum. Should honesty answer everything.