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Looking for Final Weight Loss Advice

Hey guys,
First time poster here, but I’ve been reading articles on the site for a couple weeks and have very much appreciated the vast quantity of knowledge floating about here.

I’ve been lifting for about a year and a half now, and while I certainly made gains and am in much better shape, I came here looking to actually learn about lifting and not just do it (and learn how to do it much more effectively). I’ve learned much and have made changes to my workouts accordingly.

Since beginning weightlifting, I lost about 20 lbs in the first 6 months (began at ~175) but have since gone up to about 170, while constantly losing fat and gaining muscle. I’ve changed my diet very much since the beginning, and am constantly trying to improve it.

My problems:
-Lack of schedule/diet flexibility… I’m currently in High School (just turned 17)
-Struggling to lose the last bit of fat (lower abdomen, upper back, lower back/hips)
-Struggling to fit in cardio time

I’m trying to eat about 2200kcal/day, subtracting ~20% from the 2700 I attained through the DEE calculator. About once per week I’ll allow myself to cheat and eat a bit more.

I’m following the “Destroying Fat: War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss” by Christian Thibaudeau for my workout, two days of heavy lifting with two days of lactate-inducing work per week (and three days off).

If anyone has tips to where I can fix some of my problems, or advice regarding the last few pounds, or just any general advice to a beginner, please pass it on.

Are you still seeing weight loss, or have you completely stopped losing fat?

The problem is I’m not sure if I’ve stopped losing fat, or if I just don’t notice it since I don’t have an image of myself from however long ago.

I suppose I should begin taking pictures?

Also, I’m trying to maintain somewhere between a 50/30/20 carb/protein/fat ratio in eating. I’m wondering if my problem might be too many carbs, but like I stated earlier… but it’s difficult for me to lower my carb intake since I can’t really grill chicken breast for lunch or anything.

Lowering carbs would help if you can, or try to fit your workout in so that your carb heavy meals are within 2-3 hours of going to the gym. Also, you might want to find someone who is good with the calipers or a place that does DEXA scans to get an accurate measure of your bf%, then go back again a few weeks later and see if it’s going up or down. Good luck with the Destroying Fat workout, I’ve had alot of fun with it the past 5 weeks while V-dieting.

Thanks for the advice. I weightlift at the hospital since there’s a lack of local gyms and the high school weightroom is full people who do nothing but get in the way. I should be able to get a caliper test or check on that DEXA scan.

Would you recommend switching workouts until the summer where my schedule is a bit more flexible and attempting the V-Diet with it?

Edit: The carb heavy meals, is that 2-3 before or after? Or either?

After. You want the insulin spike to drive the protein into your muscles to aid recovery at a time when your body is best able to process the carbs. I wouldn’t worry about switching workouts, it will work well on any caloric deficit diet, and you’ll probably have an easier time sticking with it if you’re eating slightly more calories then the V-diet.