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Looking for Feedback

Hey Guys,

So I’m a long-time lurker on the forums; I’ve hardly ever posted at all. About four months ago, I stupidly herniated L4, L5 and S1 deadlifting for reps. During that time, I’ve basically become a fat, pasty faced bastard. I got the all-clear to train from my ortho last week. I’ve been raring to start training and lean down ASAP. This is the training program I came up with (it makes use of – if not bastardizes – Staley’s EDT principles). Please be brutal

Monday: Lower Day
A1) Front Squat
A2) Swiss ball hamstringy exercise thingy (not sure what you call this)

Repeat circuit twice: 12 minutes each time. Second time, add weight

B1) Barbell anterior loaded step ups
B2) Romanian dedz

Repeat circuit twice: 10 minutes each time. Second time, add weight

C1) Barbell anterior loaded bulgarian split squats
C2) unloaded jump squats

Do once for 6 minutes.

I am usually wishing for death by the third circuit.

Tuesday: Upper day

A1) Inclined reverse banded bench (I have wonky shoulders from sucking at tennis)
A2) Barbell bent-over rows

Do circuit twice 10 minutes each. Add weight second time

B1) Barbell floor press
B2) Pull ups (I use a band since I’m weaker than Justin Bieber)

Do circuit twice 9 minutes each. Add weight second time

C1) Military press
C2) Dumbbell curls

Do circuit twice 4 minutes each. Add weight second time)

Wednesday: Rest (prowler sprints if I’m feeling especially masochistic)

Thursday: Repeat of Monday
Friday: Repeat of Tuesday
Saturday: Beach muscle day (or prowler sprints if I’m feeling suicidal)
Do you think there’s value in doing strength focused lower and upper days on thursday and friday?

My pwo schedule and nutrition is as follows:
4:30 AM wake up; devour finibar and Micro-PA
5:30 AM chug 1 serving plazma
5:45 AM Begin workout…sip 2 servings plazma intra
7:30ish Finish workout
I’m currently out of MAG-10 and since I live in South America for the time being – no chance of replenishing anytime soon.
circa 9AM – 60g whey isolate
Lunch circa 1PM ish
Dinner circa 6PM isn
“Protein top up” circa 10pm ish

Outside PWO I have 60g carbs at lunch. After that, no more carbs the rest of the day.

All in all, I have circa 210 cho; 226 PRO; 95 fat ~ 2700 cals. I weigh 200 lbs – no clue about my bf%

I would really love your feedback gais

Can you share a little bit about your goals? If “wishing for death” by the end is your goal, mission accomplished; but presumably you want feedback to see if sticking it out with this plan will get you closer to a longer-term goal (bigger bench, bigger quads, lower BF%, faster sprint, etc.).

Thanks for replying Jagged!

Wishing for death is certainly not my goal haha; I may be guilty of exaggeration there a little

Long term my goal is to get as big and as lean as I possibly can. Short term, my goal is to drop body fat quickly and hopefully gain some muscle. Pretty much same as the long-term goal