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Looking for Egg Protein


I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out. I live in Canada and am trying to get my hands on egg protein powder (preferably Optimum but desperate times call for desperate measures and I'll choke down Dymatize if need be).

Due to the shortage of egg whites, companies aren't really making the protein powder anymore and I've exhausted my options. I've searched on the interwebs and have come back empty handed. Twice I've placed orders online only to call back, weeks later, and was informed they didn't have the product. I was able to get my money back, but that does nothing for the gainz!

Can anyone steer me towards egg protein powder that I might purchase (and that I can get shipped to Canada)? I have wicked gut problems-whey/casein aren't options, the vegan stuff tastes like dirt (seriously, it's horrible, all of it, those vegans are lying to themselves), and the beef protein.. due to all my problems with cow related products, I'd prefer to avoid it. I may be forced to reconsider, but I'm hopeful I can strike gold.

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Well, a few suggestions, the first is that you just use plain old egg whites. Costco sells them for about $8.50 for 4x500g package. At least in the Ottawa Costco. I just mix those with whey powder. But you could just use them on their own with other addons, like peanut butter, coffee flavour, etc. Second, just google canadian protein .com they sell egg protein though I have no experience with their quality or flavour. Third, you might want to check out shop.ca, they have a bunch of proteins there including egg and free shipping.

There you go.


Lot of people find this useful...


Not sure I can help with finding egg protein, but Badger has a good suggestion. I use Humapro all the time and it's never failed me...on low carb/low cal diets it's been my primary source of protein. If you can handle the taste (do NOT get orange surprise) it should suit you well.


Thanks for the feedback. I'm already an egg white consumer (totally from Costco) but thank you for responding :slightly_smiling: This is the first I've heard about Humapro but I'm intrigued and will start some research. Much appreciated!


The only downside with Humapro is the price. Especially for us in Canada, given the tanked dollar and the shipping. I looked around and it was somewhere around $75-100/tub. I think for that you could get about 30lbs of egg whites.


I hadn't yet looked into pricing but man, that's prohibitive! For that price price I could hire a chem student to create egg protein powder for me..good god. Thanks for sharing your findings.


Okay, that is an awesome idea. Do it a la Breaking Bad. Have them cook up your egg protein in an RV in your backyard, tint it blue, and baggie it up. Bet you could resell for double the price. hah