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Looking for Doc in Central Cali?


Here it is,

31 and my wife says, she feels i may be bi-polar, i laughed at her and said i will look into a a good hrt/trt doc and see if it is low test.

I saw a doc link from ksman in the steroid forum to a younger guy, Which i will have to look into. I live up near the bakersfield/palmdale area. But i guess anytghing in LA?

I have pretty bad mood swings along with bouts of depression, loooowww sex drive and have lost interest in almost everything.

I fit in the "andropause" area i guess?

If anyone is willing to help me a bit i would appreciate it.

I have posted on here about this before but never really got anywhere.

so hopefully i can get this crap taken care of before she decides to take the kiddo and leave me with some bills

if ya know whata mean?



So is there anyone out there with any info besides googleing for compound pharmacies and stuff like that?

22 views and no help?


Dr mariano would be the best in the field for you.
I recommend guys to him all the time on the west coast.


AWESOME, and where might this doc be located?




If your in bakersfield fresno is just down 99 go see dr work


REcommend dr Mariano as he is top in field of neuroendochronology and immune system dysfunction.


Doc Work huh?

Where is he located exactly?

I am about 1 hr and 15 min south from bakersfield,

do you have any other info?



I still have not had time to call!!

I will hopefully do this next week, but wonder what he will want from me as far as blood work and stuff?