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Looking for Diet and Training Suggestions (Pics Included)

Most of my lifting experience (2 years steady, 3 years on and off) have been centered around strength training. The last two years has been a mix with no consistency to program, just working out what I felt like. Although you may be able to tell I’m sort of skinny fat right now and my figure has remained mostly the same for the last two years. Here are my numbers.

178 pounds

My diet is also of concern, I’ve done no carbs and lost a good bit of weight in an attempt to get lean but I feel like I just lost muscle in the process. Lately I eat seven eggs and a piece of toast after workout, foot long sub sandwich with chicken turkey and pepperoni. Every other day 3 cookies with that. Two protein shakes (whey isolate) between, and like four handfuls of assorted nuts. I’ve only been eating this for maybe two or three weeks so I’m not sure of the effects.

Note, I have anterior pelvic tilt if that is applicable to a training regiment and also in regards the my physique pictures.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

You’ve been a member for all of 5 hours…plenty of diet/training articles here.

Make yourself comfortable and look around.

Dude those are pretty good numbers for working out with no consistency at all lol.

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Thanks man, the three years we’re on and off in high school with Olympic lifts and heavy ass squats.
The last two years have been consistent ish though.

I’ve regulared this site and many others for a year or so, never creating an account.
Just looking for feedback on the physique, weak points from an outside perspective and opinions on how to correct them from lifters that have an eye and experience like yourself. I’ll continue to look though, thanks!

Get lean. You’ll look way more jacked.


If want to lean out try this…

Diet: add in vegetables especially greens

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Thanks for the suggestion,
I’m giving this a go for the next two months, with a lot of greens included. I’ll keep y’all posted!

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