Looking for Decent Gym in Austin, TX

I’ll be spending the week around Thanksgiving in Austin and unfortunately it’s in the middle of my program and I don’t think I can take that much time off. Anyone from that area know of a decent gym that I could crash for a few days? I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for a day pass just need a squat rack with a decent amount of weight and deadlifting allowed.

RecSports at UT is fucking AWESOME. I fucking loved the shit outta that gym. Plenty of space, Squat cages, and a side area in front of the broom closet where I used to snatch, much to the annoyance and fear of the frat-curlers trying to do skull crushers with 35 on a bench six feet in front of me.

Daypasses are rediculous, like $8, IIRC. And the holiday hours suck. Maybe they’ll let you try it out for a free week, give you a temp pass or something.

ALternatively, a buddy of mine works out at a Gold’s Gym in north Austin. Not sure how far south (or IF it’s South) of Round Rock it is, but they’ll probably have at least one squat rack, be much less crowded (gyms don’t see a lot of use on holiday, I’ve noticed) and is much more likely to give you a day-pass in exchange for the right to market random shit to an address in Austin you give them.

There are several Gold’s in town, and the ones I’ve been in (south and central) both have plenty of weight with places to deadlift. I’m aware of Hyde Park Gym, which according to their website has day passes, but I’ve never been there.

Hyde Park Gym looks like the best fit. There is even a free 7 day pass online and they’ll be open the entire time. If anyone has tried this gym out before let me know but from what I’ve read and their website it seems great.

I highly recommend Hyde Park Gym. It will have everything you need. Good people too.

I went to Hyde Park Gym for two years. Highly recommended. Can do Olympic lifts, deadlifts, and has chalk. You may even spot a few pro bodybuilders, college athletes, and even a pro or two.

My old man worked out at Hyde Park back in the 80s, says its the shit