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Looking for Cycle Info


I almost exclusively use tren ace and prop for my cycles. I have come across a substantial amount of test cyp and just started 600mg per week that I will be running for 14 weeks. I am used to when the tren and prop kick in as far as strength gains. Since this is my first cycle with cyp I was wondering and when to expect it to kick in. I also started using my new shaved and rolled bat last week (pre-cycle)so I would like to know how much is the bat and how much is the cyp.


The Cyp should be full on by week 7. Most note its effects by wks 3-5.

I'm lost.....please fill me in on what a bat is? Baseball bat that is shaved and rolled? Did you mean cat? Is it a shaved kitty :wink:


Miken Recoil softball bat.


Im lost....


Haha he wants to know if the pop hes getting in softball games is coming from the shinny new bat or the test cyp beginning to kick in...

Agree with DevilDog, if youve been on the cyp for 3 plus wks you could definitely be feeling it


Hello to all in here so just a ? That I see on here all the time can u tell me if the sight steroid-club is a good sight or should I go with a different one and if so were I'm new and looking for my first cycle of cypionate



I speak english just fine if I did not I would find juice some were else dumb ass wtf man I'm in here just trying to get help but just like every other jack ass I talk to won't help me out so feel free to look me up on face book of call me I'm just another body builder needing help and I can prove my self to be legit the guy in my pic with me is training for mr usa right now and told me that this site would help me get a connect boy was he wrong!!!!!


You're just such an easy mark.


I'm on my phone but thanks for the body building advice that's what we are here for to make fun of one another I forgot thanks for reminding me!


I'm sure people would be more than happy to give some bodybuilding advice to someone who performed the following actions beforehand:

  1. Actually bothered to read the disclaimer that "NO SOURCES WILL BE GIVEN". Your first post asking for a source is a non-starter.

  2. Didn't hijack an existing thread on an unrelated topic and troubled yourself to navigate your way to the main Steroids forum to start your OWN thread.

  3. Proposed some sort of talking points and asked for feedback, instead of expecting everything to be spoon fed to you. This isn't primary school.




Well every one had to start some were I bet you just did not stumble onto your first hook up every one needs a break or a chance just trying to get my break so if u want to help then please help if not quit bashing me. I live were no body builders are so I have no help


This isnt a damn source board. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Yes or No.


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First of all, let me say that I truly hope english is not your first language. If it is, you have some serious problems.

You keep coming back to bitch even though people have tried to help you.

a. This is not a source board and no one will give you a source. (Especially because you are borderline retarded)
b. You have been directed to start your own post if you have a question, instead of hijacking someone else's thread which is completely unrelated to your question.
c. I still don't even know what your question is????? Speak English!
d. Most questions coming from someone who is obviously very inexperienced such as you can be answered easily if you were not so lazy and could just do a simple search and read. Or read a sticky relating to the topic you have a question on.

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