Looking for Cycle Advice

Heys guys my name is Hunter, I’m 20 years old and I’m a new member here with T Nation. I’ve been reading forums and articles through you guys for a while now, while doing research, and figured if I’m Going to go through with my cycle I’d want to be linked up with you guys seeing that I’ve accepted the fact that you guys know a lot more about test/supplements in general than I do; not that I haven’t done my research.

Ive been in the gym for a while prolly been about 7 years. I’m about 5’11 193 now , I’m down from 216 about 6 weeks ago. It was a natural loss, I just got off my ass and starting getting back at it.

To get to the point, I wanted some cycle advice from you guys, I have 20 cc of test. 200 and was curious on to what you guys think would be the best dosages and cycle duration, to take. I would consider it might first real cycle. I’ve tried things in the past but never really went through with it because I didn’t have the time to put in the work and didn’t want to half ass it.

I’m not neccasrarily tryin to bulk… I do a multitude of different volume, bulk, and circuit workouts, I also run a shit ton. I’d like to be as lean as possible with as much strength gains as possible while accomplishing that. I plan to eat as close to the paleo diet as possible, I chose that diet only because I’m familiar with it, any suggestions are highly welcome.

Also any advice on post cycle plans? I’ve read many things, I’ve seen some post cycle kits? Not sure if any of u guys are familiar with those. Anything u guys can hit me with I’d appreciate

I don’t have just a ton of experience but it seems to me that you don’t have a real solid plan yet. That’s okay, but you probably need to leave the Test alone for now and save it for later. It’s good that you dropped a lot of weight by “getting off your ass.” I say give your body some time to adjust and continue to build some muscle naturally.

Committing to a clean diet and regular exercise will go a long way. When you’re a little more sure about your goals you’ll have the Test if you want to go that route. It’s not magic though. You gotta put in the effort. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear. Also, you’re still a little young and it isn’t recommended.

Sounds like you have enough Test for a 10wk cycle at 400mg/wk but save it at least until you have an AI an PCT planned as well. There’s plenty of info about that in these forums.

I would wait a few more years. Dont mess with your hormones.

What’s your body fat percentage roughly?

Yeah I’ve been Considering laying off of it for now after all that I’ve been reading. But my Body fat percentage is roughly a little under 15 probably. An yeah I know the juice isn’t magic or anything I would be putting in the work for sure. I have a ten week workout program coming up soon and figured I would get maximum results from it if I had some extra assistance. I would essentially do a ten week test only cycle with W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week) for my pct, I referred to an article on here. My issue with it would be how much t to take and how often for a guy my size, in order to be as safe and efficient as possible. If I were to start my cycle and I’m honestly not sure that I will for a long while, is there any suggestions you have on pct, amount to take, and how often? Just so I can hve an idea of an outline So I can complete my research and come up with a plan in order to share and see if my plan has any flaws in it and get good or bad feedback from u guys?

cycle with oatmeal and whey, its potent stuff

Not an expert mate but 10 weeks test and 12 weeks adex is all good, PCT then starts week 13-16 and you want Clomid for that.

Other things to consider are nolvadex with clomid and hcg during cycle but are optional the above is the basics.