Looking for Critiques on Program Please

I Just finished my Army training and finally working out has become fun for me again. I was looking for some advise on my current program. before I left i used a program like it and had good results that I was happy with. I gained strength and about 10 pounds.

Bio: I weigh 150lbs, I am 5,11, And do not have much fat on me (do not know percentages). I am a skinny ass twig, i know.

Goals: Gain about a pound of lean muscle every 1-2 weeks, increase size and stregth equally. I also am striving for that 300 on the PT test. I need to lower my 2 mile by a min from 14 min to 13 min and gain greater endurance in my abs. My pushups I can max. I know running will hinder my results but I need to keep the run down.

My typical day of eating would be as follows:
M1: 2 eggs mixed with chicken or ground beef and vegies, protein shake and a banana
M2: 2 peices of toast with peanut butter, and random snack depending on what i have in the pantry.
M3: Veggie, Fruit, Sandwich of some type such as tuna melt or cold cut, nuts
M4: Protein shake, chicken sausage, nuts,
M5: Chicken breast, veggeis
Post workout: protein shake

Supplements: Fish oil, whey protein, multivitamin

My training week:

Monday: Chest
DB Decline
DB press
DB Incline
cable flies

Tuesday: Back
Dead lift
Bent over single arm rows
Pull ups
Seated row
Tire flips

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Shoulders
Side raises
upright row
military press ( I had some left shoulder pain when I was working out before that was caused by this I think. It subsided when i scratched this from my rutine. Any replacements or should i try it again and if i notice any thing then replace it?)

Friday: Arms
Skull crushers
DB curls
preacher curls
Cable pull down

Saturday: Legs
Calf raises
Leg curl
leg extension

Sunday: Rest

I run 3-4 times a week sometimes substituting jumping rope instead to work on my run. I run in the morning and workout in the afternoon.

Any help would be much appreciated. You can read and research all you want but nothing beats years of knowledge and experience. Thanks.

Looks good. The only thing I would suggest is having some sort of built in progression on your main lifts to keep you getting stronger.

As far as replacing the overhead press, try dumbbells. Still standing, and rotate the dumbbells so that they are halfway between a neutral grip and a normal overhead press grip.

If running is your issue but you want to gain strength, I would just periodize your workouts to where you focus on your lifts in a 4 month cycle keeping your run in maintenance mode then say two months out from your PRT put your lifts on maintenance and start training towards your run.

I’m in the navy and our run is a mile and a half, which I do in 9:30 to 9:45 during my upcoming cycle I probably won’t do anything for my run, training wise. A mile and a half you can fake for the most part. But I know for you guys your PRT means something. So I would just do that for the run and for your situps I would recommend Ab rollouts, I could already hit my outstanding marks for situps but after doing these they just felt so much easier and I don’t think I’ll ever do another situp.

Texas method:

Thanks for the advise. I never thought of training specifically for the run right before hand. As for progression in the main lift im not quite sure what you mean?

Progression = more weight/reps.

Need to make sure you are doing at least one of them each workout/week.

oh ok thanks