Looking For Critique on My Training

Just looking for some help with my log. I haven’t made one for a while since i did the V-Diet. ready to get back to lifiting hard but goddammit im a little rusty with making my own workouts. besides, it doesnt hurt to get bitched at everyonce in a while for what youre doing wrong.
stats as of lately
5’8 205 lbs

squat 550
bench 300
hang clean 320
deadlift 600

but anyways

warm up: 3x10 10 lb shoulder circles, 45 lb bench 2x10
4x6 DB bench
6x3 snatch
5x10 Push ups superset with
5x10 goblet squats
5x5 Chin ups
4x8 Barbell rollouts (or ab wheel)

warm up: 2x8 light ham curls, 2x10 supermans
4x4 Hang clean
1x20 Snatch grip DL
4x6 Reverse bench
5x8 KB Swings superset with
5x8 shrugs
3x6 3 way shoulders
100 bicycle crunches


warm up: 2x10 shoulder circles, 2x10 push ups
4x6 DB push press superset with
4x6 Reverse grip bent over row
4x10 Flamingos (two sets each leg)
12, 10, 8, 6, 4 DB incline press
4x10 v ups
2x60 sec planks
3x8 good mornings

warm up: mountain climbers 2x20, leg ext 2x10, flamingos 3x6, supermans 15
3x10 Suitcase DL (3 sets each side)
1x20 back squat
50 weighted swissball crunches
50 v ups
10 min stretch, 5 min cool down jog

So like i said, lemme know what looks either like too much, too little, or just plain stupid. also guys- i have a terrible list of work outs to do for my abs, obliques, help would be appreciated!

What the hell is a flamingo?

What is your goal?

What the Hell?

You’ve made me sad.

I dont understand how you have those stats and dont know how to set up your own routine. Head implodes

alright alright alright

let me explain this shit, before i get slapped as a troll.

well, i have been under football weightlifting for the past 4 years, this is my first off season without a program. i have made my own, and i kind of need help doing so. this is what i have now. i appreciate the critiquing, i really do. but yeah, i have no fucking clue what im doing it seems. this is the kind of shit i have been doing in my off time during the years in between lifting, and according to you guys, it isnt right. i dont really know what to say about my stats… i guess im just strong then? i didnt think my stats were exactly mindblowing but… i guess your head imploded over it.

*ct. rockula
let me answer your questions, please dont be sad.
ok first off, a flamingo is a single-leg-straight-leg deadlift. google it, it might show up as shit, it might not.
my goal- to get stronger and improve balance, explosiveness in the weightroom to translate to a better performance on the field in college (i will be an incoming freshman)
i cant answer that last question lol. cuz i dont fuckin know, which is why i came to you guys. let me know whats up

Maybe you can look up something like WS4SB by Joe DeFranco. Its a great programs and something you can build on. Maybe do the 4 way and add in a day or two of bodybuilding workouts. Thats what I would do.


There is some rule that you need to understand before making a routine. They are very simple but you missed some while writing your routine.
The first thing you do in the gym(after your warm up) are Olympics movements,big and complex movement(squat, deadlift) after you can do your isolation. The rule is pretty simple, big before small, complexe before isolation, power before strenght, low reps before high reps,Strength training before cardio.
and it go on and on.

Always do your strenght work in the beginning of the workout( low reps before high reps)

my critic are: Monday: do snatch first, after dumbell press or chin up and finish with your superset.

Thursday: it is a really bad choice to do the good morning last, after the abs. Good morning need a lot of stabilisation and is a complexe movement. It should be the first or the second exercice of your workout.

If you can put 600lbs on a deadlift, you dont really need abs workout. While doing your deadlift, they are working a lot, dont worry. If you dont see them, you’re just too fat.

So i hope that it helped you

search for christian thibaudeau articles how to make your own routine, the title look like that. It will help you.


Some basic points to remember when designing your own routine:
-If an exercise hurts your joint or puts unnecessary strain on you then drop the exercise and find an alternate
-If an exercise or method isnt contributing to your goal then ask yourself why your doing it
-You should give an exercise enough time to see if its actually helpful, dont just drop it if it doesnt help after just one session

Those are basics that you should have learned by now but I said it anyways just in case.

For football, Joe Defranco’s methods are something you really want to learn about. Just google his name and his site should be one of the first ones to show up. Go on his site and read all stuff and even email him if you have questions. Good luck man.

Thanks a lot guys. I just did a ws4sb workout today, it felt great. my workout went much smoother and felt like it made a lot more sense. I definitely have MUCH to learn.