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Looking for Critique on My Routine

I did, Doc says I’m healthy. Go figure, also I don’t care for their option of ‘here take some meds to speed up the ol metabolism’, like phentermine … uh no thanks.

I would get a second opinion immediately. Also, I would stop seeing a doctor that prescribes medicine to healthy people.


How else do you get return business? If someone is healthy and you prescribe medicine, you have a decent chance of making them unhealthy. Then they are more likely to come back.


Appreciate the concern, my doctor is not cavalier about it, just an option if it really bothers me. Not really, I’d rather manage it sans meds. Also all my docs say I’m healthy and fine.

Keep in mind, I am not telling you what to do: just what I would do. I would be alarmed right now.


I think what the guys are trying to tell you is that its highly unlikely that someone of your size if there were training and eating as you say you are would not be losing weight. As for whether you have a reason to lie or not its not easy for anyone to answer that question. I believe that the science works for everybody (unless you have a medical condition), more energy expended than you consume and you will lose weight.
Maybe start a training log and properly record all your sessions and you food including drinks and then the guys might be able to through in some advice along the way.

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Spot on.

Like @simo74 said it isn’t necessarily a matter of lying to deliberately mislead. You may be failing to mention something you think to be inconsequential that is in fact very important. Or you may be failing to record something correctly.

The bottom line is, a guy your size training and eating way you say you do will almost always lose weight.

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When I lived in rural, more blue collar area, I would play sports with some guys that were similar size to you. Big, strong, with some pushing 300 lbs. It was not uncommon for them to say “man, you’re lucky. I eat well, exercise, but my metabolism is just so slow I’m stuck at 275 lbs.” When we would hang out for a day, it became clear. They ate wayyyyyy more than they let on. It didn’t at all match the amounts they told me (and I don’t think they were purposefully lying, just unaware or had deluded thinking). There is nobody I’ve seen that can maintain that size (especially if they are at all active) without a huge amount of food. It’s physics. If you move 275 lbs “x” amount, it requires a certain energy expenditure to do so. You cannot move large amounts of weight without supplying the energy, or SUV’s would be getting 80 mile/gallon.

Also, metabolism differences are very small and still must obey the laws of physics. Unless there is a medical condition, metabolic differences do not account for large differences in how the body responds to food/exercise routines.

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This is why I would be absolutely terrified at this point, and pounding on the door of every specialist I could find demanding treatment.

This isn’t just a silly quirk or something to lament: this is a sign of a serious dysfunction in the body.

No way would I trust it to a bunch of amateurs online to sort out.


Maybe he eats in his sleep?

Maybe his genetic code is the holy Grail of energy production, and the only instance of energy in < energy out yet discovered?

Maybe his scale is broken and he actually weighs 170lbs not 270lbs?

Decrease your calories. Unless you have a medical condition, if you’re not losing weight that’s because you are eating too much.

Now, 2k calories a day for your weight seems to be on the lower side, but who cares? As others mentioned, the problem might lie in how you track your food consumption.

Whatever error you’re carrying with the calculations will most likely stay consistent if you decrease your caloric intake. You think you’re eating 2k calories a day?

Go to 1.7k. You might be eating more than 2k without you realizing, but what matters is that if you go to 1.7k with the same tracking method, you will have certainly dropped your intake by 300 calories, regardless of what the actual numbers originally were.

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You’d be able to get a lot more than that!

Maybe he’s also paying the income tax in Oregon?


If you’re doing it right you live in Vancouver, WA so you don’t pay income tax, and do your shopping a quarter mile away in OR so you don’t pay sales tax either.


That’s exactly what I did when I was out there!

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My wife is having trouble losing weight and it’s driving her insane. She’s even been down to 1000 calories a day (tracked) with high intensity weight lifting and now running. Nothing. Last time she dropped weight she would go a few days a week with zero food (I wasn’t aware), and on the days she would eat it would be very, very little.

Went to defy and they found some glaring hormone issues and prescribed meds. Said it should be life changing. Nothing has changed. Her 3 month bloods/check in is any day now (waiting on blood work to come back). Hoping they can make some changes.

So you’re not alone if you really are doing what you say!

An Update…
I spent a week on data collection… results were as follows.
Avg caloric intake 2700, some days it was 2500 some days I would manage 3000. Activity level, this was interesting, gym time was 70mins, walking was 60min and cycling was 30mins on avg, for a given day my time spent not sitting and in active exercise was anywhere from 2 to 2.5hrs as day. Time spent walking around and in general just doing other things was ~5hrs, and time spent sitting on my ass… ~10hrs… sleep, and this is where the problem comes in… a measly 4.5~6 hrs.
Really working on getting more sleep, this is not easy. Never has been, it’s not new to me either as I did a sleep study nearly 30yrs ago and they determined I have DSPD, it’s why I run my own business vs punch a clock, oh i don’t really get more sleep I just can’t fire myself for being late. DSPD SUCKS! when trying to work in the normal scheduled world, my free schedule without constraint is 3am to 11am for sleep… yeah that’s not easy to achieve. My wife still works though and is up at 6am, so I get disrupted sleep 3hrs in and then lightly doze off till 8am and give up. Iv’e gotten used to it over the decades but I still spend the day tired.
WIth all that, I lean towards a lack of sleep causing the problem.
And before anyone starts in with the go to bed early or down time prior to sleep etc… yeah none of that works. Biologically my circadian time clock is just not in sync with the majority of the world. Melatonin also wasn’t effective and causes major nighmares, not fun at all.

Have you lost weight?

Yes, not much, 2lbs so far. Getting enough sleep is not easy though. Historically I’ve noticed weight loss when I take a month or two off and we summer and relax, then I can sleep and then I will lose weight. Didn’t occur to me as to why, figured less stress was the cause.

You may also eat less when you spend more hours sleeping.