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Looking for Critique of Deadlift Form


Hello, lately I've been trying to study and correct my deadlift form. While I can scrutinize my form all day, it tends to help when others lend an eye.

When I first started lifting, I don't believe I was taught proper form and thus started pulling with a somewhat rounded back. Thus, my first area of concern is my back positioning. The second area of concern is whether my extension is good, and if I'm keeping the bar close enough to the body, which by my bloodied shin I think is being accomplished.

In the attached video, the weight being used is I believe 195, and I took the video towards the end of the set so as to show my form at moderate weight and regular energy levels (i.e. it's most raw, when technique flaws and breakdown would be more likely to emerge).

My best PR so far is 295x1 at a bodyweight of 140, and I've managed to break 315 off the floor double overhand. However, I feel my inability to complete the pull was due to 1. Flaws in technique/form and/or 2. Weakness in the posterior chain.

Any tips and thoughts on the video are greatly appreciated.

Extra note:

I do have Posterior Pelvic Tilt, which I'm currently working on through active stretching prior to lifting and foam rolling.

Quick question: Does anyone else feel foam rolling is making them slightly masochistic?


Very common mistakes. First get that head more neutral. Second, when you go to pull, the first thing to move is your hips. Your ass goes up, your body shifts forward, your legs are out of the movement, and you lift the weight entirely with your back.
Try to concentrate on getting behind the bar. Get your ass down and your shoulders back, and drive your feet trough the floor.