Looking for Critique/Advise on Prohormones

Look it over / give advise please
Hey all tomorrow I start lg science cutting stack. This is an all in one prohoromone cutting stack.

I’m 36 Male
5ft 10 in

Based on the info that came, food list(typically clean foods) suggestion of 1.5-2 gram of protein per pd of body weight I came up with

2300 calories over 6 meals

43p, 27c, 11f per meal

Meal 2 (post workout) and meal 6 will be protein shake with oats and almonds.

Will be doing body part split working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,friday, Saturday weights. Wednesday is just cardio and Sunday is off. Two body parts per day with one/two compound movement and a few isolation ones.

Will be drinking a gallon of water a day as well , along with bcaa and creatine.
Also fish oil one a day

Anything just stand way out. Hoping to put in a bit of muscle and drop a few % of body fat thanks

I wouldn’t ever run pro hormones, you don’t really know whats in them, there expensive, will fuck your liver, the only positive is the legality of them. I rather just do a basic test d bol cycle, or look into some sarms, thats just my personal opinion