Looking for Creatine Alternative

I have tried Creatine a few times and I feel I get pretty good results, however, it is extremely hard on my stomach. I have tried it mixed in juice or water and this is the absolute worst, it goes right through me. I then tried using boiling water and ice after to cool it… it is all dissolved and this is better, but still causes me stomach issues… I tried it in my coffee same results…

So just looking for some advice for a good creatine alternative, I am 44 so I need recovery help, I train 3-4 times per week and am doing crossfit.


What type of creatine are you using? Is it monohydrate? If it is, you can try micronized creatine. It’s supposed to be less stomach discomfort.

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Are you taking any other supplements? I was having similar issues before I realized my stomach issues were actually being caused by a BCAA/glutamine powder i was taking. I would check your other supplements then maybe try a different brand/type of creatine before considering giving it up.

Thanks for the response, the creatine I am taking is just 100% creatine monohydrate. I tried the loading phase of 20g/day and did that for 4 days which was tough so I stopped, then went to 5g/day. I am using GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate, not sure if another brand would be different?

I also take fish oil, curcumin, vitamin D, vitamin B and calcium/magnesium. I have been using these for quite a while and I do notice that if I stop the creatine and take these I have no stomach issue. For example, I took all these this mornig and skipped the creatine and I feel so much better than I did yesterday when I took the creatine… I have not tried just creatine without taking the vitamins, etc… I might try that for a few days and see how it goes…

5 grams a day, with whatever liquid. Lots of it. No loading.

You are getting stomach ache because of the amount of creating and most probably lack of liquids.

Thanks but I don’t think that is it, I have been using just 5g/day for weeks now and I consume 3+ litres of water a day…

I am thinking of trying creatine malate, I have been reading more about it and some people claim that it does not cause stomach upset, bloat, etc…

Is being on creatine that important? If its doing more harm than good, I don’t see why you’d stay on it.

I take 5g a day with no load.

I take that lil sexy shaker bottle and put 1 scoop of protein, 5mg Creatine Mono and a TBSP of Flax powder. I add water to this concoction when ready to drink. I am okay; slightly abnormal but otherwise okay.

When I first started using Creatine a few months ago I had some issues but the body seemed to adjust after a week or two. Try taking it alone at a different time than the other vites/mins/supps.

One thing all the studies have shown but is usually forgotten is that a very small percentage of people taking creatine can see bad stomach and intestinal issues. Try micronized creatine, if that doesn’t work try any of the other types. They are pretty much the same, the data has shown it in numerous studies and its all dirt cheap. Barring that, how is your beef and fish intake? If you feel you MUST get creatine saturation at all costs, about a lb of steak a day will probably get you there or close…albeit at a much steeper price tag.

That’s a good question… It seems as though creatine is the best bang for the buck supplement and many say the best supplement so that is why I would like to be able to keep using it. I do see some results form it as well, although I have to stop using it right now as the stomach issues are too much…

If I could find something else or a different type of creatine that gives me results and has none of the side effects I will be a happy man…

Thanks for all of the responses, great info here!

Try Krealkalyn -easier on the stomach and no water bloat

I also get stomach issues from creatine and just bought some Krelkalyn. Haven’t touched creatine in many years. I’ll see how this goes.

Just thought I would follow up… I stopped all sups for a few days and stomach was fine, started back on fish oil and curcumin for a few days and stomach was fine. Today I bought some Krealkalyn so I started today with the dosage recommendation on the bottle… so far so good, but it has only been one day… I will update again in a few days in case anyone isinterested…

Why did you decide to go with Krealkalyn? Just giving it a try, prefer capsules, or other? Just genuinely curious.

Trying Krealkalyn because it seems that the general concensus is that it is easier on the stomach…


AKA Betaine, which is found in Plazma as betaine anhydrous.

There are other options for recovery besides creatine. Are you taking protein? Taking creatine if you are not taking protein seems counter-intuitive to me.

The enhanced protein synthesis, protein retention, and immune boosting constituents of something like a whey protein powder will do a lot more for recovery than just creatine alone.

Yes, was mostly referring to recovery during workout, I do have a protein shake right after every workout.

So just an update, have been using this for a while now and have had no stomach issues at all, a huge relief, and I have made some gains as well, feeling pretty good about Krealkalyn right now :slight_smile:

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Great to hear these new/second generation creatines can make quite a diiference