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Looking for Constructive Feedback


I gave you a 10 because of the awesome opportunities of this thread

oh dear Lord! love the panties though.


I would say…from my perspective…your current opportunites include: Ron Jeremy Stunt Double, ChippenDale 25th Reunion Dancer, A place to park my bicycle if we buried you face down.

OK no really, insert uplifting, motivational comment that does not bring attention to the thong here

I mean it. Much love.

I gave you a ten for your posing skills.

You’ve got to be kidding me. I hope this is a troll job.



[quote]fitnessbuff wrote:
Hello. I was very much into cocksucking a few years ago and took some time off. I am anxious to get back into it again. I think I know what I need to work on but its always nice to get other perspectives. Please let me know what my biggest opportunities are[/quote]


Ok so i just puked in my mouth a little bit… But I’m with HeartlessBastard on this one.

P.S. Nice pics GetSwole lol.

get swole is the man first off, and second…actuallly fuck i got nothing to say…thats just tooo much

If this was posted on the Ass Worship thread, I bet we’d get some “I’d hit it” comments, though.

pretty sure gs posted this one on another thread… but it’s so applicable.

Have some self respect.

WTF? That was not a good idea.

HAHAHAHA…I was gone for a week from the board and this is what I opened first. Gave me my first laugh of the day.

To the OP:
If you wanna be taken seriously here, post some serious pictures…Image is too far.(May be that is a good thing), Bad choice of pose, bad choice of garment. I wish I have that tub though.


Fucking awesome.

The photo, and that your avatar’s the same photo, so no matter where you look, its in your face.

That photo is the greatest thing ever. The mural, the poster on the wall, the incongruous door in relation to its surroundings.

Fuck, you could go on about that for a while before even focusing on the tool in the middle.

Kill yourself.

that has to be a joke. why hasnt the OP posted yet. he has to be kidding. Damn. It’s so sick im interested. like a car crash you just cant stop staring at.