Looking for Constructive Criticism

What up y’all! I’ve been bb for roughly 2 years. I’m 31 215 lbs and would guess at 18 percent bf. I’m having trouble losing the fat around my lower belly and would like some help with that and shaping my physique. I really want to compete next spring. Thanks in advance for your help7be292ce93f382b334413fd03ed734ca6e06cec8_1_665x499

Post your diet.
Post your training style.

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The good news is, you’ve got great legs, so you can de-emphasize leg training in order to bring up your weak parts.

Further, your arms are well-developed compared to the rest of your upper body, so ditto.

Your weak parts:
–Chest in general, but especially upper chest. Henceforth, no more flat-bench work–virtually all your chest work should focus on the upper aspect.
–Delts. Focus on lateral and rear delts.

You don’t have any back photos, so it’s impossible to eval your lats.

As for your BF level, it is well over 18%, but the number doesn’t matter. I believe if you start a cut in the not-too-distant future, you would have plenty of time to be ready for a show in the Spring. If you’re not well-versed in how to cut (most people aren’t), consider hiring an online coach. @The_Mighty_Stu has a proven track record in this regard. (Note: I have no financial relationship with him.)

I didn’t think about the back. Photos attached. I agree with the chest and I do tons of flat benches but with dumbells. Barbell flat bench kills my shoulders. Thanks for the pointer as to upper chest. I needed to hear that.

Right now I’m doing the Jay Cutler Living Large routine. I feel like my upper back is strong but my Lats are lacking - IMO. Thoughts on that? I feel like I have a bit of trouble targeting my lower lats do to my shoulder, arm, and upper back development. Once I start to fatigue my larger groups tend to take over. That may just be me being inexperienced in the mind muscle thing.

Thanks for any input you give me, bro!


Oh and diet -

1- 7 egg white 1 cup white rice
2- 8 oz lean beef 1 cup white rice w/ salsa
3- 50 g whey protien shake w/ water
4- 7 egg whites 1 cup white rice
5- 50 g whey protien shakes/ water

For a start get some vegetables especially greens in your diet -the liver is the biggest fat burning organ in the body.

A full body template like this will lean you out fast while holding/even building a bit of muscle…

Almost everybody does this (ie, over-emphasizes flat-bench work) at some point in their lifting ‘career.’ From now on, attack your upper-chest work with the same intensity and dedication that you did your flat-bench work, and you’ll balance out fine.

Join the club. Along with rear delts, lower lats are one of the toughest bodyparts to get a good MMC with and work effectively. For me personally, the best way to hit lower lats is Smith-machine rows. Stand close to the bar (at the top, it should hit your navel, or just above it). Bend over until your upper body is almost parallel to the floor. Pull the bar up until it touches your navel region and pause there for a second, trying to feel and squeeze your lower lats. (If you can’t pause at the top, the weight’s too heavy, and you’re working your ego rather than your lats.) 4-6 sets in the 8-12 range should light 'em up.

Anyway, your back looks pretty good. Upper chest and (to a lesser extent) lateral/rear delts need the most attention.

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Awesome, thank you for the help. I’ll relax on the legs and arms and stress the chest and shoulders with your lower lay work. I’ll update with pics. Thanks again.

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Chuck Vogelpohl used to do pulldowns similar to this and they always hit my low lats as well as underhand hammer strength pulldowns one arm at a time with a hard contraction with a 3-5 second negative.

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Cool, thanks! How about the lower belly fat? Just diet or is there a key to reducing the fat in that area? I’m super sensitive to carbs so I’m about to try the Dave Pulumbo stand by keto… thoughts?

You need veggies and lots of them! First thing that stands out.

Lower ab fat will go once you start leaning up, but usually one of the last areas.

When I want to lean up, I just eliminate carbs minus directly before or after workout. I personally don’t care for keto. Too extreme for me, and intense workouts become very challenging. Carbs are not the devil, just time them right.

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As you get leaner, you’ll most likely find carbs more easily handled by your system. I don’t know if I’d go keto if your still trying to build muscle while leaning down, but perhaps a more targeted approach, with lesser carbs on days when you won’t benefit from them as much.

Physique wise, keep hitting everything hard, but if competition is in your future plans, I’d really go after your upper chest and delts. I have no doubt that your arms will keep improving, but a solid pec/delt area will really balance your lower half on stage.

Look into setting a low incline bench (15-20 degrees) in between the cable station, and do low to high cable flyes at the beginning of your chest sessions. Additionally doing lower incline presses instead of the more traditional 45 degree benches, and in a more arcing and not linear bar path can have a profound impact as well.

Diet wise… I crunched the numbers and the diet you listed comes in at about 1800 cals and 120g carbs. If you’ve got extra fat, it is not because you’re eating too many carbs or calories. You’re eating less than my wife when she competed at 104 lbs. In all honesty, if you came to me as a client, I’d probably bump your calories by at least 800 a day, and double your carbs, then set up a program where your body will understand that the nutrients coming in are meant to be used to survive the work we’re going to ask it to do,


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Yeah, it’s low due to my weekend killers. I have kids and we like to eat out over the weekend. I “classify” as an endomorph, I tend to be carb sensitive. I think having a coach would benefit me as it would force me to answer to someone else when I’m cheating 2 days a week. I don’t cheat that much every week but there are always temptations when you have a 9 year old and a 2 year old. If your confident you can help me out - which you look great so I’m sure you’re more than capable - let me know what it takes and maybe I could be a new client for you.


Tried the smith pulls and holy balls batman! That’s gold.

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Believe me, I understand, I have a son of my own, and the types of food I keep around for him certainly aren’t the best options for anyone trying to fill up on better “quality” nutrition to fuel their goals.

lol - I’m not trying to coax you into hiring me as a coach, and It’s not a question of whether I’m confident that I can help or not (I like to think I’ve got a good track record, google me some time if you’re unfamiliar with my background), I’m just trying to make some general statements that should be useful no matter what you do. Hopefully what I wrote before makes sense, because I really think it’s on the money.

Best of luck!


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