Looking for Commercial Gym Equipment

My place of business has a small gym. I am looking at completely redoing the entire gym…getting a new bench press, leg press, cable station, etc. I need commercial grade stuff since many people will be using it but I have a tight budget. I have several items I will be retaining such as dumbbells, power rack, tredmills etc.

Does anyone have a recommendation for commercial quality equipment at a reasonable price? (So far the most appealing site I have found is www.newyorkbarbells.com). LMK

here’s a few sites

http://playitagainsports.com/ check the local stores. I’ve lucked up on some great used equipment.

NY barbells is awesome. I’ve dropped around 4k with them to build my home gym. Everything is solid and the prices are reasonable. I’m lucky to live about an hour away, so I avoided the freight charges (which are understandably pricey). If you want any more info, send a PM.

Where exactly do you live? www.tristateweights.com is in Northern NJ

I used to work at a play it again sports and i would defiantly do that, you dont have to pay the shipping you just need to talk to the manager and they can order whatever you need. Most stores will get a power rack used 2-3 times a year so youll have to have them order if for you. But they will almost certainly give you a min of 10% off, my boss would almost always do 20% purchases like that.

I am in SoCal so no matter what it looks like shipping will be pricey.

go to

just glanced at the LA section and had all kinds of stuff