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Looking for Canadians...


I'm lookin for people in the Toronto area that can provide some insight in the gym. I'm rehabing a neck and shoulder injury. I have symmetry issues because of some nerve issues. I need some help but have no where to start, because I am new to the gym scene.

Let me know


Hey 'ThePope' - check out my website at www.apex-training.ca. I'm sure that we can help you out. I'm located in Barrie (just north of T.O.) although I am in Toronto frequently. Actually I just moved here from Toronto a few months ago.

Anyway, I'm sure that we can get you fixed up and on your way.

ps - the website only works if you've got a high speed connection.

David G.


John Berardi has his own training center in Toronto and I'm pretty sure his Scrawny to Brawny book has a whole section regarding correcting symmetry imbalances. Go to his website (I can't name it off hand but you'll probably find it at the bottom of any of his articles) maybe www.johnberardi.com .


hey pope im curious about your injury? i had shoulder surgery 6 months ago that didnt work. 3 weeks ago i had a cervical disc partially removed. now they say its my shoulder again and want to go back in.iv e dropped 28lbs with no light ar the end of the tunnel. if you have any info,what procedures were done,if they worked,symptoms prior and/or after.anything would help thanks


Barrie, Ontario? Thats awesome! I thought I was one of the only people on this sitge from Southern Ontario, nevermind my own hometown Barrie!


Hey Diablo,
Do you still live in Ontario? Send me an email sometime and come on up for a training session. We do strongman style athletic prep sessions each Sunday and Wednesday. We've got a full range of equipment. Mostly working with hockey and football players at the moment but also have some law enforcement guys etc. Some of the strongman big boys drop by from time to time as well.

David G.