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Looking for Canadians on TRT to Post their Protocol and Labs


Hey. Im looking for canadians who are on trt who habe had success and are feeling good. I would like to know your dosage and what your free and total test numbers are and also shbg and your dosage and frequency…


Hi, Canadian based out of the GTA here, been on TRT about a year and still trying to get things dialed in. Was initially on 140mg/week of Test, HCG 250mcg EOD and Arimidex .25mg 2x per week. I don’t respond well to Arimidex, even at microdoses of 0.05mg, so tried cutting that out. Started getting Estrogen-related side effects so am now experimenting with lowering my dose to 100mg/week (2 x 50mg shots).

I’m not sure how you get free test and SHBG bloodwork here, if you figure it out please let me know.


Hey im in GTA as well. Free test is easy and free just ask doc for requisition for free total and e2 and get like 8 repeats and do them once a month. I just did shbg and dht both tests not covered by gamma or life labs. 55 for dht and 25 for shbg. What a rip off. Life labs is even more. Its very hard getting e2 stable i have that issue too. Been playing with .25 to .5mg with each shot.basically morning erections tell me if im on the right track. If i dont get them im either too high or too low. Im on 100mg a week. If shbg comes back low i may reduce to 80mg a week.cuz at 100mg a week my free test is almost double the top limit and total is just over the limit. I think for trt you should aim for being at the top limit just below or just above it.


Look at my thread


Cant seem to find it pls post link to your thread. Thx



Pls post your protocol. 120mg a week one shot a week? IM or subq? Do u take ai or hcg? If so how much and when? Pls tell me where your most recent free total and e2 numbers were…

For me i think a lot of this had to do with proper e2 balance and keeping it balanced…getting free and total test elevated is the easy part.

If my shbg comes back low i may switch to every other day subq dosing and possibly reduce from 100mg to 80mg but not sure how dosing would work on that cuz if i do 20mg eod i would get 80mg one week and 60mg the next week…confused on that part