Looking for Bulking Help

I know a lot of people don’t like the term bulking but i’m on a year long mission to gain mass using DC training. I did feel really good about my diet and i am seeing an increase in body weight (nice and steadily) but i did the maths the other day and realised i was short from my target.

Here’s my current diet:

Any advice on how to get some more calories in would be great, i’m so full in the day most of the time but i have days after a hard training session where i should be eating more and then i just eat ribbish as i’m hungry to get more energy ( i train first thing).

I’m 34yr old, 97kg at the moment around 6’2, i’m now 8 weeks into my year long plan to get bigger.


EDIT: Just to say i only think I’ve been gaining because i’v been adding rubbish bits of food in at the weekend and randomly in the week when i feel depleted. I’m just looking for a more structured way to add the calories i feel i need.

Ideas: Replace “Diet whey” with “whey”. Add a handful, or two, of nuts. Add oil/butter to your meals.


When it was on sale i brought 6 bags of diet whey (i was on a cut), i’m still using it up and can’t buy any more until its gone (or my wife might kill me).

Good idea about nuts though, cheers.

lol I’ve just checked my non diet whey nutritional info online and it actually has less calories per scoop, what the heck is that all about (103 per scoop vs 110 for diet).

What are your macros and total caloric intake?

Edit: NVM I clicked on the pic.

Frankly your breakfast sucks, What is with the single apple? You have so much opportunity to add quality protein and cals here. EGGS, EGGS, EGGS, oatmeal, whole milk, peanut butter, maple syrup, etc.


I think, and I might be wrong, that his breakfast comes after his shakes which means he’s gotten some oats in before at least but I agree it can be a whole lot more food.

After I work out I have my shake with oats and then I’m travelling to work for just over an hour, that’s why I don’t eat until my first lunch around 10:30.

I think I’ll add a peanut butter sandwich on the train, was trying to think of things to eat while travelling to work.

A container of cottage cheese or quark with some berries and maybe some granola should go down fairly easy. Add nut butter. Puffed rice.

Or burritos.

Now we are talking!

How much would you guess you overeat on weekends and snacking? Your macros don’t look bad. I would probably add an avocado to lunch and dinner.

My weekends are very different due to family. I usually have

Wake up 2 scoops whey

Breakfast 6 eggs scrambled and 2 pieces of brown toast

Snack 2 scoops whey

Lunch is 4 pieces brown bread with a can of tuna and some cheese

Snack 2 scoops whey

Dinner varies but usually a good 600-1000 calories (pizza, pasta, fish and chips, Chinese, roast dinner, chicken wings) usually something not so clean but I always make sure I get a good 50g protein in.

And then maybe 8 pints of cider…but we won’t mention that.

I did set my calories/ macros when I was 4kg lighter so feels time to add.

If you are already gaining weight the way you are living now, then you’ll gain weight faster still by adding more calories. If you add more calories in during the week, then your weekend will need to be cleaner.

So an up-date on this. I basically failed my objectives.

Overall, i went from 93kg to 103kg,
my body fat has gone from (i was 11% but it shot within two weeks of being on holiday to 15%) to 19%,
My muscle mass has gone from 76kg to 78.5kg.

So a few things I’ve learned,
When i’m on holiday i need to reign it in a bit,
I’ve managed to add 2.5kg of muscle in 15 odd weeks which is good but that’s come at the expense of 7.5kg of fat.
I am worse at sticking to a diet when bulking than cutting.

I’m holding a slight weekly deficit (just until x-mas is done), then will get back to 12% before bulking again. I need to factor in my weekend binges into my weekly bulk (or cut them out).

I’ve also gone back to a traditional bro split. I’ve been doing loads of reading and have yet to see anything in my training diary or anywhere else to convince me that a natural lifter would be better off doing anything else.

Cheers all