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Looking for authorized Biotest dealers in St Pete Fl Area

With all the nutrition stores in the St Pete Area, does anyone know if any of them carry biotest products? I know GNC used to carry them , but when i went looking for some tribex ( it’s easier for me to but some locally if possible I spend a lot fo time on the road) I was told that GNC pulled it off the shelves for " steroid like properties" or some crap. Anyway , Looking for someone here that deals in their products in the tampa /largo/st pete area.

For the best prices, your better off ordering online through DPSnutrition.com or Netrition.com.

i use fitrx.com and netrition.com…easy and fast delivery…

well thanks for the sites, I am usually home for a day or two and unless I order from the road and have them sit in the post office until I get home it’s easier to pick items up when I’m here.

I work in St. Pete and haven’t found anyone that sells Biotest (some of the GNC people haven’t even heard of Biotest). The best advice is to order from Netrition or DPS. I don’t really understand your logic about not doing mail order. What difference does it make if you have to go to the post office to pick up your supps or to the store. More importantly, the trip to the post office means you get the supps you want at probably a much better price. Seems like a decent trade-off to me.

I live in tampa, Biotest products (along with many other brands notfound in gnc) can be found at a vitamin shoppe. There are several locations in the bay area. Much better prices as well!