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Looking for Appetite-Killer Supp


Is there any supplement that will kill cravings/appetite? I have tried HOT-ROX but, although it helps with fatloss all is does is make me sweat more and flush easily.


If you take it for more then a few days the sweating and flushness goes away.


When I take HOT-ROX, I only notice that it kills my appetite. That's become one of the big reasons I'll take it.

How many pills are you taking and how often are you taking them? I've seen people start off with two pills twice a day (the max dose), and then they're wondering why they feel too wired. Try lowering your daily dose to either one twice a day or even just one a day (possibly with food), and see if that helps the way you feel.

On a related note, whenever I'm cutting and get cravings, chewing gum always seems to help. Especially if it's just "mental" hunger (a.k.a. appetite) and not legit physical hunger (genuinely empty stomach).


I had a bottle years ago then again a few months ago. I started at the minimum dose and eventually tried 2+2 but, nothing and had more energy, sweat a lot more during training, and would flush.


Just straight up ephedrine + Mega Hoodia or 5-HTP always does the trick for me. Appetite suppression and you're getting some serotonin support considering carbs will most likely be lower.