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Looking for Another Exercise to Add

Just started working out at the start of June. Me and a friend started a competition on who could
get to 100lb for 10 reps on incline dumbbell bench. So i bought some equipment and have been working out at home.

Just finished my workout yesterday and did 95lb 9/9/9/8/6/5. Rest is between 5 and 8 minutes per set. As of now dumbbell incline bench is the only exercise I have been doing EoD (palms faceing each other). I really struggle with being consistent so I just want to slowly add exercises 1 at a time as my endurance gets better. Because I really don’t have the stamina at this time to give a lot of intensity for multiple lifts.

what would be a good exercise to add on my off day? I don’t want to do squats or deadlifts until i get into better shape. also I got a gym membership on Monday so I will have access to most standard equipment.

Thinking of adding a Rowing exercise or maybe leg press. Any opinions?

Thank you for your help.

Can you imagine walking up to someone in the street and asking “which way should I travel?” without first telling them where you wanted to go?

What are your goals? How far from your goals are you now?

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I want to do this so bad now


Is the challenge with 100 lb DBs or a pair of 50s? I find it hard to believe you can hit three sets of nine with 95s while saying you’re worried about your stamina.

And why are you resting 5-8 minutes between sets?

You do one exercise for six sets with 5-8 minutes of rest between each set every other day???

I can’t help you if you’re worried about doing more than two exercises in a session.

To be honest the only concrete goal I have to far is getting to 100’s in incline dumbbell press. My long term goal would be to work my stamina up do to a 2x per week full body rotation.

I’m not really concerned with how long it takes me. I just want to stay consistent and slowly add more exercises.

I work 12 hour days so when i get off it take a lot of motivation just to show up. So it is just a battle right now. Just trying to make it a habit so I don’t think about it so much

I have been on trt for about 7 months 200mg per week. that has helped me out alot. also I am around 400 pounds so it is not even half my weight.

Yeah man my stamina is not the best and just doing that really drains me. 2 100lb dumbbells

Just finished my workout yesterday and did 95lb 9/9/9/8/6/5.

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t do 100lbs X 10 now.

I’d do 2x5 with 65lbs on Monday, 1x5 with 60lbs on Wednesday then hit your goal on Saturday.

Unless you’re 400 lbs of muscle, that’s still good work. I’ve been training for a long ass time and I can’t hit 100s for 10. I’m 6’5" and 225-230.

You’re underestimating yourself. Recover a bit like suggested above, hit 100s x 10, and then move on to some serious training for long term results. There’s no reason to do one lift, then two, then three and so on. Find a split that fits your schedule and do it. 1-2 minutes rest between sets is plenty. If you’re tired and have to decrease weight then do it.

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yeah you’re well into medically obese territory you need to forget everything else and get down to “only” 300lbs like yesterday. Not to mention you get corona you’re fucked.

Run through heavy fatloss templates off the site. This a great start(can forget the sprints for now…) Push through for a few weeks and the ‘stamina’ will come

Whatever you do, rest no more than 2 mins for main lift and 30 secs/supersets for everything else

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