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Looking for an Updated Clinic Recommendation for Women

I am a Defy patient; however, I sent my wife to a recommended clinic in the middle part of the south… I did this as the Husband and wife Doctor Team seemed more specialized and focused on women whereas Defy just seemed more focused on males. It is now coming up on one year for her and she (48 pre-menopausal) is missing periods and having hair loss, but otherwise feels pretty good. Her issue is that she feels the doc’s are just telling her that hair loss is normal and they are also very non-responsive and hard to schedule telemedicine sessions with. I personally think they may have just gotten too busy to focus on thier current clients. I have read Saya is also very good with women, but wanted to reach out for others opinions and suggestions… I

I don’t have a recommendation for you as we’re evaluating some as well for my wife who is soon to begin HRT. She’s spoken with Defy but also considering Royal https://www.royalmedicalcenters.com/) . I’ll be interested to see what recommendations come from this thread.

Not sure if they do telemedicine, but
my Lady is using Novus Center in Studio City, Ca. 6 months into HRT and life has changed to better than ever. Dr. Stephanie Wolf knows female HRT and specializes in optimizing women. Never imagined my woman being the baking, laundry, gardening, sucking and fucking type. She’s changed in the last few months, and I love it. Happy husband, happy life.

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I dont mean to be crass. We are sexual beings that go to great lengths to retain sexual function, prowess, and youth. Women value their ability to be moist, and available to a sexual encounter. HRT will cause the clitoris to be enhanced and this leads to easier sexual arousal. A more prominent Clitoris that can become erect is not uncommon, and orgasms are more intense. The increase in T is the main cause for this, so you should both be aware of these desirable side effects. So, again not being crass for the heck of it. Sex is youth.

At 48 years of age and missing periods is called peri menopause which is a difficult time in a woman’s life. Some sail through the menopausal transition with no issues and for some it can drag out for many years. It is a time where the only thing that is predictable is the unpredictable. A woman can have 2 periods in a month for months, no periods for months at a time, can have heavy or light periods, and any combination you can imagine. It is called “no mans land” by Dr Rouzier for a reason because no man wants to go there and no man knows how to prevent it. You simply treat the symptoms until a woman passes through it. It’s treated with progesterone progesterone progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, and other hormones with the exception of estrogen. So I bet this is what your wife is going through at “48 yo”. Hair loss? Was that a complaint to begin with? Most women do complain of hair loss in the peri menopausal period so it is a “normal complaint” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated. Dr Rouzier doesnt do podcast very often but he is about to do another one with “Angie” at Tier 1 because as he has said before “she gets it and is one of the very best at what she does”. You should definitely take a look at other places though

Hair loss is definitely a hormonal imbalance issue. E is probably very low and T may or not be playing a role in this. Her labs will be the key to knowing. My woman is 45 and is Peri, she had pellets inserted and the rest is pills and topical creams. More complicated but you have to stay the course to see improvements. I have noticed less hair in the shower since I have been keeping an eye for that, and have not mentioned it to her to avoid her thinking about it.

yeti308, yes she had periods of hair loss prior to TRT; however, she was on fertility drugs from her doctor that may have screwed things up a bit, but she has been off of those for over a year, and her hair got much better. I understand she is in an especially difficult time period right now, but was hoping HRT could alleviate the hair loss and she is likely having a difficult time with the irregular periods. That said she has experience with Tier 1 and felt they did not have the time to address her concerns in a timely manner and felt brushed off. I am trying to not get into details about her clinic as they may work well for others. I know at Defy I can get an appointment with Saya pretty quickly or if I needed something immediate I can get to someone else as well, but I haven’t heard much about how they deal with the complications that women have… Having not worked all of my issues out yet, I can appreciate the desire to get things fixed quickly., but I am a different topic!

middleages… thanks for the response, I did not see telemedicine website of the the clinic you mentioned, but happy it is working out for your lady… Pellets! ouch… been there done that… Never again!

Pellets for men is too invasive, women require less and the incision heals fast.

My wife has a female friend who uses pellets with great success. I ruled out pellets for myself because dialing in the right dosage would be problematic since I’d have to wait until they’re fully exhausted before trying a new dosage. Due to their lower dosage, I suspect that’s much less of a concern for women.

I never had an issue with pellet dosage too much, but the number inserted every three months become excessive… Doc said 21 but I think he may have been exaggerating; however it was over 17 for sure, then i would loose a couple through the month!! I hear females only need one; however, I don’t understand the purpose… I tried them so I did not have to do anything for three months, women still need to take several other drugs daily so what is a little splash of t-cream for them added to their regimen…

FYI - just spoke with Novus Center and they do offer telemed services but I think it depends on were you are. I mentioned my state and they said yes, telemed is available.

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